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    RIP Owen Garriott

    Former NASA astronaut and Huntsville resident Owen Garriott has passed away. As an Astronaut with NASA Mr. Garriott spent 60 days on Skylab in 1973 and 10 days on the Space Shuttle Space lab in 1983.

    “Julian Assange doesn’t have a constitutional right to hack Pentagon emails” – Wait, Whut?

    So, what are you going to call Julian Assange, a journalist, a publisher, a spy, a mercenary, a soldier? And what about Chelsea Manning and American hero Edward Snowden?

    A Major Change For TOCC TV

    The Splash page will continue to be sort of an “it girl” page, but perhaps on a less frequent basis. If you have bookmarked the contents page, it will automatically redirect to the tocc.tv index page.

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