Uncle Fascist Wants YOU!

Recently Alabama Senator Arthur Orr followed suit with other fascist socialists to require “restrictions” on how welfare recipients can spend the money. Well, no one thinks it’s a good idea to squander money on something frivolous. But, there are several problems with the approach.

To begin with, there is a process of qualification that must be met before someone receives assistance of any kind, welfare, disability, food stamps, etc. If someone has enough money left over to spend a bunch of cash on tattoos, hookers, crack, and liquor, someone most likely did a bad job on vetting the paper work to begin with. Benefits aren’t that generous.

More importantly, fascist bastards like Mitt Romney and Arthur Orr are setting the stage for compulsory health requirements associated with the ACA. Think they’re going to repeal the ACA? Believe it when it happens. First comes the compulsory procedures, then compulsory requirements, and then the compulsory work requirements.

Work is a good thing, indentured servitude and slavery is not. Big brother wants to tell you what job you will do, what food you can eat, what health care compulsory procedures you will have, and what you can spend how much of your money on.

People who receive assistance of some kind, like kids who play high school sports and are subjected to drug testing, are not criminals. Arbitrary restrictions and requirements are essentially accusations that require you to prove your innocence. It is a denial of due process, and already unconstitutional.

Deadbeat politicians need to find legitimate issues to hang their grandstanding hats on. If there is public assistance fraud, it’s in the qualifying process, and doesn’t amount to much.

With a long running high unemployment rate, accusing recipients of public assistance of breaking the bank while they hang out lounging around in their hammocks, is nothing but the rhetoric of cowards, fools, or fascists.

Far too much American red blood has been shed to defend liberty. No arrogant, spoon fed, apparatchik at any level of government should be allowed to flush that blood and liberty down the toilet to save a few dollars for TEA Party Zealots on Wall Street.

 USA Today:
States restrict welfare purchases
Romney hit’s Obama’s changes to welfare law

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