The 2014 Summer Time Silly Season

Oh well. It doesn’t seem right this week to offer up another 1000 word essay, so I thought I’d go ahead and TOCC a little bit about what’s going on. Which isn’t really much. The political news still looks mostly like preliminary posturing, but I admit I’ve also been preoccupied with some home-time renovations. Here are some musings.

Robin Williams. Clearly, he felt unable to bear the humiliation of being upstaged by Hillaryous.

Hillaryous Clinton. Still posturing but I don’t know why. There seems little doubt the Republicans intend to install her as president.

Chris Christy. What’s up with the Disco Fever thing? If he’s trying to move past the bridge debacle, and critical observations about his obesity, I don’t think bouncing around on stage like a beach ball in heat is gonna do it.

Paul Ryan. As I recall Joe Biden’s boy. No racial overture intentionally intoned there. And besides, how could Paul Ryan who comes from a very small white neighborhood, and has a decidedly very small white neighborhood concept, possibly be racist? You can’t hate someone you don’t know!

Ferguson. Whut? As noticed by one media outlet, most national democratic leaders haven’t really gotten in on this. Could it be, even though the video tape was out of context, that a large, tall, black man stealing merchandise in broad daylight, and then shoving the store clerk, and then threatening the store clerk, just doesn’t say too much good about the integrity and character of the individual?

Mike Brown’s Dad. Says his son was raised to respect police officers. And whut, not store clerks or other people’s property? Stealing blunts isn’t exactly in there with inalienable rights and the necessities of life.

Mike Brown. Didn’t deserve to die. However, clearly a deeply flawed character. Maybe five years in jail, he certainly is no civil rights hero.

Ferguson Cop. Also a big, tall, black man, said in discussing the riots, we “will allow” people to peacefully protest. An emergency state of marshal law not-with-standing, his comments seem to slip past the fact the peaceful protest is a right, not a privilege, as his inflection seemed to me to imply.

Lewis J Morris Jr. Huntsville Chief of Police and son of the late Lewis J Morris Sr., a Huntsville school principle that allowed cult groups, including Herff Applewhite, to proselytize and/or torture students. The Chief said in a recent article that the perception of militarization is “delicate.” This should probably be a full length article, but it’s so far over the top. The police and the military are two VERY different things. Anyone who doesn’t understand that has been indoctrinated, or is part of the regime. The Huntsville police dept. is already over-militarized, in attitude if not equipment, and it’s a major problem that prevents them from doing their job correctly. I’ve heard some people say becoming a police officer is a good job for a returning veteran. Wrong. There have been many problems in Huntsville in the last ten years, and not unlike Ferguson, in municipal law enforcement throughout the country. I suspect veterans with a militarized war-like mentality is exactly where the attitude problems begin.

Parker Griffith. Alabama gubernatorial hopeful democrat and retired medical doctor. What’s up with his latest commercial? I ran for mayor along side Parker, and once told him he reminds me of a used car salesman. In his commercial he’s strolling along a cotton field apparently trying to look like a farmer. Even if he could win the governors office with medicaid expansion, does he really think the dead horse “education lottery” can get him anywhere? Parker this ain’t Mississippi!

Now, excuse me while I duck off this page, I need to get a sip of water…

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