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As people flood streets across America to protest the killing of George Floyd, public health experts fear the crowds - and in many cases people's failure to wear masks - will lead to new transmissions of the coronavirus.

Latest on the protests:
• State of Minnesota files civil rights complaint against Minneapolis PD
• Barr vows "even greater" law enforcement resources
• Reeling NYC extends curfew all week
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“It was kind of wait and see”: In early January, Thai scientists identified a new coronavirus in a traveler from Wuhan. But China hadn’t released genetic data they had obtained many days ago, leaving Thailand no way to confirm if the virus was spreading.

The state of Minnesota has filed a civil rights charge against the Minneapolis Police Department in George Floyd’s death.

Confederate symbols across the South have been targeted for vandalism and even some longtime defenders have decided to remove them. A monument in Alabama's largest city was dismantled Tuesday after protesters tried to remove it.


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