Romney Out Grinched By Romney

After months of assuring the republican rank and file he would – on
his “first day” in office – repeal the entire ACA, Romney this week
announced his support for “some parts” of the health care bill. It was
after all his baby born in Michigan, grown to a toddler during Obama’s
first term, and is now set to become the monster leviathan that
permanently cripples the function of constitutional government in the
United States.

Apparently congress will not reach a budget compromise in time to
prevent “sequestration” at the beginning of the new year. That’s when
huge spending cuts go into affect to be evenly divided between
entitlement programs and military spending. Neither side is saying too
much about that because it is indeed part of the hand in glove
operation that probably is the biggest hoax in the history of the
United States.

The fact is, there is no Obamacare. That actually ended when John
Roberts lead the Supreme Court to unconstitutionally pass the bill
with the preliminary compulsory requirement, and without the
mandatory Medicaid requirement. Obama doesn’t want to admit to it
because it is his calling card, the republicans don’t want to own it
because it will turn out to be nothing but a tax increase on many
strained middle class budgets.

Moderating to center is one thing, cutting your own throat is another.
Combined with Obama’s convention bounce in the polls, which Romney
conspicuously didn’t get, his new revelation in support of the
not-universal healthcare tax, ought to pretty well end his
presidential bid.

Obama is left behind to inherit the mess he began, ripped apart by
congress and John Roberts like a partial birth abortion. He gets his
historically black second term. His supporters get to wait for the
dust to settle before they realize they still don’t have health
insurance, and probably will be paying higher taxes to support the
tidal wave of retiring baby boomers.

The mess is a new infrastructure built on the unconstitutional
procedural order set by the compulsory requirement, and that continues
to survive on life support with required expectations by big brother,
nails that continue to grow longer like on a dead cat, and in defiance
of constitutional equality for all. And again, sets the stage for
corruption in the Medical Industrial Complex to proceed with abuse,
corruption, eugenics, ethinic cleansing, and genocide via genomics,
genetic screening, genetic engineering, and other compulsory
procedures and behaviours.

The only constitutional approach to universal health care, a term you
won’t be hearing too much in the coming months, would be to tax all,
and to provide for all, without arbitrary restrictions or
unconstitutional requirements – like banishing 16oz sugary soft


© 2012 – Jim Casey Red HOT Uploads

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