PUFF! The Wizard Of Journalism

Wow. There are times in my challenged way of life that I stop and
think how extraordinarily lucky I am to be a journalist at this time.

I am not a newspaper man. I most certainly am not the Editor &
Publisher of the Daily Oxymoron. An oxymoron unto itself, but all
things in context.

News reports confirm what those publishing on the Internet already
know. To make money, to get “click thru,” you have to offer a
confusing variety of sound byte quality mush – so the disgruntled
reader will leave and go visit an advertiser.

How frustrating it must be for newspaper people as they transition to
electronic media, realizing that in what must be one of the most
dynamic, important, interesting, and relevant socio-political epochs,
not just in US history, but in world history – selling car insurance
for your lunch partner is often more important than providing rich,
in-depth, quality content for your patrons.

Many newspapers and magazines still do a good job, but you often have
to go to several sources to get a story piecemeal. To wit the ACA. And
that’s part of the conundrum. Because for awhile longer at least, most
reputable media outlets still provide free content. A veritable buffet
of sometimes thinly sliced tidbits. But oh, ALL the glorious free
content. Soon, when paper is no longer an available threat for the
rag across town – puff – you’ll need an app., and a subscription, and
a wifi subscription for that too.

So, for now, I am The Wizard Of Journalism! I can read all that
glorious content, newspapers, books, and magazines free online. And, I
still have to pay very little to run my own rag the way I want. I can
give my opinion, and my reasons, and call Mitt Romney a Nazi bastard –
include a video or graphic, or not – and I don’t have to have a single
outside link to spirit away my captured reader.

It’s sad about the fireworks show – but I got news too!

© 2012 – Jim Casey
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(This column is still available for syndication.)

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