Old White Guys Reinvented

“Old White Guys” – sounds kinda racist, doesn’t it. For the record, I resent that term. Although I don’t affiliate with the Republican party, I am a white guy, but only considered old by half the population.

There is much rhetoric these days about what the Republican party must do to reinvent itself to once again capture the White House. First, both they and the general public need an honest assesment of how to define “the old white guy” party, because while that’s how it may look, it isn’t really the underlying problem.

The GOP might more accurately be described as the party of 1) cut throat small business owners, 2) religious zealots who believe “blab and grab” to be a political tenet, and 3) big business fascists who these days may or may not be white, and who might even own a pizza joint. “Conservative” doesn’t really enter the definition until after the blabbing and grabbing has already been accomplished, when it then becomes “get your hands off my stack.”

Newt Gingrinch is the perfect definition of the GOP, and the perfect example of why they lost when in truth Obama was still largely unpopular. In fact, if Grinch had simply done one conservative thing – denounce illegal immigration – he would be president today. And yet, the media and political confusion of double speak is suggesting that the way to rebuild the Republican party is by reaching out to Hispanic voters through the socially liberal, and fiscally irresponsible, policy of legitimizing criminal conduct by illegal foreign nationals – largely at the expense of disproportionately unemployed black men. How much more racist could a policy be than one based solely on ethnicity?

Well. Actually, there is another racist policy in the equation. First, I concede the importance and neccesity of bringing the first black president. And, I can’t blame black folks on voting for Obama’s second term. Even still – voting for a president based solely on skin color is racist. I heard one report that said 95% of black folks did vote for Obama.

In both cases, hispanic or black, it seems to me that there are people who are conservative, and there are people who are liberal. I know many black people who are conservative, and who otherwise would not have voted for a president who was clearly headed toward liberal policy in regard to homosexual marriage, for example. I am also sure they are now well chastised by the remarks of Mr. Obama on inauguration day.

The point is, long term public policy is not well served when officials are elected based on race alone. It obscures consideration of social and economic policy in general. Solving the “republican” problem through more racist policy doesn’t really get down to the baseline of conservatism.

Maybe it really would be best to let the GOP wear it’s moniker “old white guys” unto it’s death. Maybe it’s time for conservative democrats and legitimately conservative republicans, black, white, and hispanic to agree on some basic conservative principles and move toward voting independently, or the formation of a new party to represent conservative views.

In the mean time, for the next election, a good ole white cracker palette cleanser might be just what is needed to regain genuine democratic conservative political balance over the histrionic slide into socialist nanniism.

Even though I like Joe Biden, I don’t think he can fill that conservative vacuum. And, maybe a racist like Marco Rubio is exactly what the GOP deserves – and needs, to bury itself once and for all. Ispso facto, conservatives need to find someplace to go and to just be – conservative.

© 2012 – Jim Casey
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