Not The Time For President Hillary Clinton

How many times during the last election campaign, and even the one before that, did you here candidates say that the “American economy is not in decline,” and that it is just as strong as ever in the world economy? Of course, you heard it here, the American economy IS in decline, and it is not wise to listen to politicians who preach to itching ears during an election. USA Today recently ran this article:

USA TODAY – 4 in 5 in USA face near-poverty, no work

And I quote: “a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream.”

But there’s more. I’ve also said, much to the chagrin of my loving female counter-parts, that women are worse off because of their facade of independent equality than they used to be – Maud got hers, to hell with you. Also from the article:

For the first time since 1975, the number of white single-mother households living in poverty with children surpassed or equaled black ones in the past decade, spurred by job losses and faster rates of out-of-wedlock births among whites.

Notice here that it isn’t a question of black women surpassing white women, it’s a question of white women falling to the level that black women haven’t been able to overcome. Feminist affirmative action does them no good either.

The fact is, with an ever deteriorating economy, and an ever shrinking middle class, the best affirmative action for everyone, especially the chill’ren, is a stable two parent family unit with a male head of household who is the primary bread winner.

Argue if you like. The numbers don’t lie. The article has many interesting statistics, and it’s scope is long term and in depth. There’s a lot of interesting information in a little space, so don’t read through it too quickly. You’ll want to be prepared with real facts when the next election heats up. Then you can decide if a female president role model, i.e. Hillary Clinton, is really such a good idea for the nation at this time.

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