Nazi Bastards 1… 2… 3…

First, here’s a limerick I whooped up: Captain my captain,
please tell me,
is that a white elephant,
or censorship I see?
Nazi bastard 1… 2… 3…

Editorial — 2012.07.09

I saw Arizona Senator John McCain, a Vietnam Veteran & once POW, making the rounds on the Sunday morning political talk shows this week. Same ole predictable Republican rhetoric while the campaign is both reeling from the ACA and in a lull as it prepares to shift gears and enter the home stretch. His appearance only served to remind me of a rather astonishing remark he made some weeks ago. He said, “Survival of the fittest is what Republicans believe.”

Now, I wouldn’t care to argue over Darwin’s observations as manifested in the wild kingdom. The big dog runs the pack, the smart frog doesn’t go swimming on the milfoil, and a Bonobo monkey is known to kill the youngens of another male if he wants to accost the female and start over again. Fundamentally, it’s the difference between uncivilized wild monkeys, and at least theoretically, civilized human beings.

Maybe I’d like to give the Republicans too much credit. But I think most Republicans, many of which regard themselves as Christian, understand the fallacy of the remarks. It’s why, I think, most Christians continue to understand the importance of, and adhere to, the Biblical concept of creationism. In fact, in today’s human civilization, Darwin’s “fitness” theory doesn’t usually rule the day. Consider Mr. McCain himself. In physical stature, he clearly is what in nature would be described at the “runt.” Lucky he got any milk at all. Could be he’s extraordinarily smart. How’d he end up in a prison camp then? The fact is, his toast would’ve already been fried if it hadn’t been for his family status. I give the man credit for his service and his effort… but as the runt… fried toast.

Maybe then it depends on the definition of “fit.” McCain’s whole family must be smarter and stronger than 99% of all other Americans. I don’t think so. In the wild, the big and mean lion quickly devours the straggling wolf cub runt. McCain’s family must be the lions. I don’t think so. I don’t think human kind is on the same evolutionary path as the Bonobo monkeys, and it shouldn’t be.

In fact, the United States Constitution agrees with me. “All men are created equal.” The Law of United States plainly states that cut throat Darwinist behaviour is illegal. The Biblical perspective also agrees. “Anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” It is good to be civilized human beings.

If McCain’s family were the Lions, that’d be like a caste. We didn’t have a caste system anymore until the illegal aliens showed up. Some third world counties still have caste systems, but I don’t think that really plays out like survival of the fittest either. That’s more like, “my family won the crusades 800 years ago and we’re still in charge.” I don’t think so. Just look at all the runts in English royalty.

Why would a leading American “patriot” make such an anti-American remark. Worse yet, why do so many continue to follow his influence? Why does Arizona continue to vote for him? Maybe it shouldn’t be surprising, maybe a spirit of meanness has been cultured in Arizona, maybe there is little wonder such meanness would give rise to the likes of Jared Loughner, or some of the similar results seen in other meanly cultured microcosms in our country.

For those who don’t get it, the ACA actually began with 911, “Homeland Security,” and Big Brother. Step two (now) restructure infrastructure, step three (a bit later) restructure until all healthcare is provided by government, aka Big Brother. Taxes are inconsequential, you will adhere to guidelines if you expect government to spend it’s money on your health. The newest bubble to inflate is the Medical Industrial Complex, and their new toy is human genomics, genetic profiling, genetic engineering, genetic caste, and cut throat Darwinist “fitness.”

In other words, the Supreme Court has upheld an unconstitutional law as a way of signaling the Constitution isn’t going to get in the way of profits for the Medical Industrial Complex. That’s why Romney has flip flopped declaring his loyal subjugation to the infallible Supreme Court. Ye shall follow the suit of the Nazi Bastard. If big brother says the moon is made of bleau cheese, then by God that is what it is. It is indoctrination by definition.

It’s hard to say about McCain. Maybe like Jeremiah Denton, being a POW left him a little tetched, or maybe he’s just an aristocratic Nazi bastard at heart to begin with. I think he should be quiet. (And as it turns out, Mo Brooks is a Nazi bastard too but, then I digress.) As for me, I think that moon dust just might have come from a gravel parking lot on Redstone Arsenal… but one thing I know for sure is, I ain’t no Senator’s son either.

(c) 2012 – Jim Casey HOT Uploads

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