My Old Boots | New York Schools Long Schedule

An old pair of boots are comfortable and warm like a puppy dog or an old friend. After reading this morning that schools in several states are headed to a longer, nearly year around schedule, I recalled an column I wrote years ago when Huntsville did the same thing.

My perspective hasn’t changed so I decided to give the link to the old column here. The page is a little disarrayed because I don’t use that template any longer, but the content is there, right where I left it, and so the point remains.

I am pleased to say I have found the right tools and templates for use with WordPress and anticipate that in the near future I will completely change over to that system. Right now I’m having to figure out the php and fine tune style sheets. After the recent content is uploaded, I’ll be able to transfer some of the older articles, like this one from 2002, more easily as well.

Final Linchpin – Elimination Of Discretionary Time

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