Illegal Search And Siezure Of Texts By Law Enforcement

When I first noticed these illegal trends by “law enforcement” several years ago, I thought it was some kind of joke. You know, a training program about important values in our country, like a continuing adult education program. After awhile, the reality sank in deeper and deeper. Big Brother is playing no game. The attack on constitutional rights is real, and the ground already lost isn’t coming back with a grade at the end of the quarter for a good lesson learned.

The latest attack by these militia style terrorist groups is a call for cell phone companies to retain a copy of all your text messages for at least two years in case Big Brother decides to snoop around your business. No doubt, there are isolated cases where an actual crime might be solved by reviewing text messages. The likelihood is pretty small though. Just watch the news and consider how many of the robberies, murders, and car wrecks would be solved by the illegal invasion of privacy. Virtually none.

The fact is the police thugs are generally acting in concert with big business who is already afraid that a declining economy, aka “fiscal cliff” et. al., retiring baby boomers, and an overall gloomy prognosis for the prosperity of the next 20 to 40 years looks pretty damn bad, especially when compared to the golden age of the fifties, sixties, and seventies that are still fading into the archaic past. The ever present attempts at gun-control often seem to back fire resulting in more Americans arming themselves in fear of Armageddon, while the double back handed flip flop is that Big Brother is still robbing the birthright, the unalienable right, of freedom, independence, and the right to privacy in this country. You may have a gun, but your activities are being stalked in a state of near marshal law that makes McCarthyism look like a democratic town meeting. Cell phones companies have no obligation, legally or otherwise, to retain a record of text messages – and they shouldn’t.

Big Brother wasn’t interested in reinventing the wheel when he began illegal and unconstitutional dui checkpoints so long ago. To wit, the unconstitutional checkpoints haven’t gone away in thirty years. The attempted attack on text messaging is also a form of censorship. In the same vein, courts have ruled that admittedly insecure emails have no right to privacy after only six months. The equation is a stage loaded with malarkey from the beginning. Almost everyone is involved in online banking, and with very few exceptions, on-line banking is apparently safe, secure, and private. More people are interested in stealing your money than they are in reading your emails. If they could they would have already. Ipso facto, emails can be and should be made secure. It can be done, and personal information garnered from emails can be a powerful tool of manipulation, influence, and even extortion in the hands of skilled perpetrators. And the truth is, the privacy invasion and information collection and sharing already widely known of and in use on the internet should be, and actually is, illegal for that very reason. Aside from that, that emails are in the public domain after six months simply because security is easy to breach is an inane and ludicrist argument. If I have paper copies of financial records in a drawer in my den, it is comparatively easy to break into my home and steal those records. That should be legal because some of the records are a year or two old? The level of stupidity is only superceded by arrogance and a hidden agenda. Constitutional subversion, invasion of privacy, illegal search and seizure, and censorship – because Big Brother, who is controlled by aristocratic dynasties, is scared of loosing control of the ill-gotten booty, read global industrial bosses and corporate profiteers, that they have and don’t deserve in a precariously declining economy.

The results of this kind of terroristic power grab are replete in history. In essence, the situation in Syria is the result looming on our own horizon. A soon to be deposed despot, Bashar Assad, has already inflicted a bloodbath on his own people, and now in a last ditch effort of desperation is reportedly preparing chemical weapons that kill indiscriminately, cruelly, and massively – so he can maintain his aristocratic absolute power.

Law enforcement and homeland security in this country are no different. I’ve said so many times. I’ve seen it, I’ve witnessed it, I’ve experienced it. I ran my write-in campaign for president based on protecting the constitution. Am I just crying wolf one more time? I wasn’t crying wolf to begin with. Remember that movie where Miami gets hit by a tidal wave that wipes out half of Florida? Well, that’s a metaphor for global warming. Because guess what, Miami is going to sink into the ocean because of global warming and probably sooner than later. But, even in the worst case it doesn’t happen over night.

In truth, despite mans best efforts natural climate change is occurring as the last ice age continues to recede. So, even if man made global warming can be stopped, Miami will still eventually sink. The difference is that constitutional erosion and the bloodbath brought about by despot leaders, can be avoided. But the time to change the path is now. Law enforcement who advocate constitutional subversion should be relieved of duty for conduct unbecoming. They should do their job legitimately, not according to an aristocratic political agenda.

They way to avoid troubles down the road is not to tighten the grip. On the contrary, respect and protection of individual constitutional rights, liberty, and independence is the only way it ever does end up working. When the needs of every individual are met the group never becomes a problem. And not to belabor a point – unalienable means something quite a bit more than the juvenile and moronic interpretation of “that which is necessary is legal,” although true unto itself. For instance, in reference to the recent Thanksgiving shopping season greed exhibited by Wal-mart and others, one pundit suggested shopping is not a constitutional right. On any given and specific day of the year, he may be right. But in truth “shopping” satisfies or sublimates many basic human needs and carnal impulses. Therefore, unless you wish shotgun toting gangs of hunters traipsing around downtown and Manhattan looking for some meat to shoot and kill and make brisket with on the evenings campfire – “shopping” pretty much falls into the constitutionally recognized category of “unalienable.”


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    Our leaders are in denial of what is obvious at face value. The biggest threat to the future of this country is the incompetence and corruption of law enforcement.

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