II) CBS News Make Over

I see with consternation and sadness that Dan Rather is throwing in the towel at CBS once and for all. I hadn’t realized how old Dan is until all the raucous over his tenure had come up lately. Seventy-four has even got Paul McCartney beat. Frankly, I think Dan got a raw deal in the Memo-gate affair. In reality, I imagine the allegations against Dubya were absolutely fair and correct.

In a way, Dan Rather reminds me a little bit of Pete Rose. Charlie Hustle they called him, and hustle Dan did. They said Pete bet on baseball, and he said he didn’t, whether he did or not. The fact is you can’t bet on something that’s already rigged. So, Charlie Hustle’s I and II, both go down in my book as actually being a cut above the rest, not as fading out in shame and disgrace. Sad it is though, that Dan leaves the anchor post on CBS ultimately giving way for something called a “Katie Couric” to come on board.

I understand she is female and that begs the question? Where will the white men go now that the “white man’s network” is being run by a woman? I mean really. The colored folks have got the NAACP in their corner, black folks have got BET, lesbians have got Ellen (thanks to CBS), soccer mom’s have got Martha, bitches have got Anne Coulter, and Gay men have got Matt Drudge…what’s a white man to do for news now?

My humble opinion is that Howard Stern is right in saying Les Moonves is a total screw-up, and I predict that CBS will ultimately suffer for supporting feminism, even it is white, at a time when the tide is actually beginning to turn back to a more practical social model. Ambitious women have become
untoward in many ways, and many “successful” women have finally realized their own best course is in being a woman, making babies, and taking care of the overall domestic wellbeing of family and home.

My own choice, if Bob Schieffer is also ready to do something else, was John Roberts. What a total screw-up Moonves is. John Roberts was really just the right fit, and they blew him off and let him go.

“Even if it is white,” I say in regard to CBS’s support of feminism. And, you can’t really help but notice they chose a white woman over a black man. Russ Mitchell would have been a fine choice to anchor The CBS Evening News, but they ditched him too. As a man, I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed this
obvious snub, and I doubt CBS will go unscathed for their faux pas.

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