Huntsville’s Race For Mayor

Many of you know I ran for mayor, legitimately and officially on the
ballot, in 2000 and 2004. I regret my effort fell short, largely due
to limited campaign funds, and a compromised posture that really
didn’t allow me to ramp up heavy duty fundraising and campaign.

As you know, Loretta Spencer is embarrassing herself with a non-viable
campaign, and a no show at potentially the most important appearance,
a televised debate. I never have endorsed Loretta, and stand by my
accusations of her participation as an accessory to child molestation
in Huntsville City Schools.

To each her own, but why Jackie Reed continues to embarrass herself and
spend her money on campaigning completely eludes me. If she ever said
anything of substance instead of such juvenile and shallow rhetoric,
she might pose some good resistance to the prevailing power regime.

And of course, Mr. Battle the incumbent, now referred to by some as a
shoe-in this election. I have known Tommy Battle since the early
eighties when I won a seat on the Madison County Republican Executive
Committee. (Which I firmly renounced several years ago.) I’ve seen the
underhandedness of Mr. Battle and some of his buddies, including some
on the fastly becoming terroristic police Gestapo. He’s failed, at the
least, to pursue full prosecution of the Lee Buss Massacre, has shown
indications of conspiracy in real estate dealings, has relinquished
the reigns on the out-of-control police department, and even promoted
Lewis Morris Jr. to chief in a gesture that is tantamount to
endorsement of the school molestation already mentioned. His middle
name should be RICO.

So, I can’t possibly endorse any of the candidates now running for
mayor, and wonder how anyone else could vote for any of them either.

As you know, I am running my write-in campaign for president,
essentially to suggest a means whereby you can cast a protest vote
against the establishment fascist that have been hand picked by the
industrial bosses. In that same light, I suggest you do vote in the
municipal election, and write-in my name, somebody’s name, anybody’s
name for Huntsville Mayor. Just like in the presidential campaign,
your option is to loose regardless of who “wins.”

At least you can make your vote as a protest.

© 2012 – Jim Casey Red HOT Uploads

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