Huntsville Veteran’s Day Parade 2016

The Grande Marshall

That's the Grande Marshall! I don't know who it is, but I do know Randy Owen was Grande Marshall one year.

Send In The Clowns

What is that clown doing in the Veteran's parade, but then, truth be knowed, there are more clowns at a Veteran's Day parade than the Ringling Bros. Circus...


I think somebody told this guy to show up for a Donald Trump victory parade.

Going To The Vet?

Where's the vet? They told me we were going to see the vet. All I wanted to do today, was get my flea bath and chase some cats...

Chinese Warfare

Check this out. I think it's some kind of new Chinese warfare because I been fishing alot and never had a Panda bear along. Better keep and eye on this guy.

Going To Wal Mart

This guy looks like a rolling Wal Mart bag. What's up with that? War may be honorable, but not really too much to smile about. Best keep an eye on him too.

Airforce None

I was waiting for the helicopter to come and pick me up and carry me to the White House after the election. Now I see what happened... broke down and being towed.

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President, this looks like the limo that never came to pick me up and carry me to the White House.

Motorcycle Survivalist Dude

Gotta love this guy on his motor. He can ride anywhere, shoot his dinner, cook it over an open fire, fight off the bandits, and live to tell his family and friends.

A Lot Of Wars

Been lotsa wars in this country and all the veterans deserve to be recognized...

Now Who's Driving The Tractor

Boy howdy! George S. Patton ain't got nothing on this little guy. I mean he adds definition to the meaning of "Uncle Sam."

Tommy Battle Takes EULA Siriusly !!!

Well, ain't that just like Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle? He's the kind of guy that would be late to a funeral. Good thing about it, I think I finally got a shot of his better end.

Ride, Doggy, Ride...

They said this dogs name is "Kasey" but I think the whole deal is suspicious. First, it's spelled wrong. You spell it CASEY. Either way, that doggy gets to ride. Ride, Doggy, Ride...

This presentation is dedicated to the late General John Rossi.

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