Hookie Looper And Makeover To Boot

Snow Trees In Big Spring Park in 2011

Photo Caption

Even though I was a Hookie Looper today too, I didn’t go looking for snow shots. There wasn’t really quite enough snow this morning, and it looked too wet and was melting fast. Instead, I have this proxy, again from 2011. Another really nice shot from Big Spring Park.

I think maybe the kids around here, and a bunch of grups too, got some extra time off for snow that didn’t happen until late in the evening yesterday, and early this morning. But, who am I to criticize, since I too stayed in doing little to attempt any usual work.

However, I did spend time on my second job, the website which you now witness. If you’re looking at the full version, please notice that I’ve added an email submit form. In the near future I will start sending email notifications every time I post a new article, and maybe some general information as well. Please go ahead and submit your email. I don’t share or sell email lists so you won’t get any additional spam.

The donations box is also updated. Did you know that you can make a donation through Paypal using your credit card, and you don’t even have to have a Paypal account. That ensures that your information is kept secure and private. Please consider dropping a few bucks into the plate. It’s important to support freedom of media in this form, when there is so much big money influence in the main stream media.

The Makeover
And finally, a really big makeover for the mobile site. When I first started presenting TOCC.tv, there weren’t any mobile sites because there weren’t any cell phones. After awhile, I did start offering a mobile version, which like all others, was optimized for the lightest possible weight. Now, with smart phones and much faster wireless connections, I went ahead and added graphics to the front page. As always, there’s some more fine tuning, but it’s a nice look that I think you’ll appreciate and enjoy – and it’s still lighter than other major publications.

Let me know how you like the new look, and
if you have any suggestions for the site, or if you want to make a content contribution, or send a letter to the editor, by all means do so!

Contact: editor@tocc.tv


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