Growing Some Funky Chinese Onions

I would like to say that I truly appreciate the candor of my three subsidiaries: The New York Times (Chinese News Site Cites Onion On Kim Jong Un Piece), The Onion, and The People’s Daily, in further exposing the importance of my work. Satire is an important mechanism whereby intelligent people are challenged to review their own thoughts and actions in order to determine the essence of their own creed and to judge whether or not they live up to those standards.

Sometimes culture, values and ideas clash, inevitably bringing conflict. But, it may be that the old chicken or the egg conundrum and war have something in common. They say war is a whore. Or could it be a whore war? Maybe it’s like  Schroedinger’s unknown dead or alive cat. Or is it a case of art  imitating life, or is life imitating art? Is the metaphor reality,  or is reality nothing more than a metaphor on the continuum of string  theory’s space time dis-continuum. Sometimes, the correct answer is as highly elusive as the “0” that marks the beginning of time.

Sometimes, maybe it’s just better to say to hell with all that just fry the damn eggs I’m hungry!

Then, I’ll take another chocolate. I’m not done catching up yet.

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