The Huntsville Neo-Nazi Consortium

This presentations in this category are factual reports and should be taken literally and at face value. Although I have presented other works that are parody or satire, The Huntsville Neo-Nazi Consortium is not such a work. The events are real, and the victims are real, and the injuries are real.

EXPOSÉ | The Huntsville Neo-Nazi Consortium

When I first presented this concept on January 1, 1998, it was an attempt to expose the child molestation and indoctrination that I had encountered when a student at Madison Pike Elementary School from 1969 – 1975. For whatever number of reasons, I was regarded as an alpha male and an apparent political threat, based in part on name associations and the mayor JOE DAVIS’ political dynasty – thereby becoming a target of what ultimately turns out to be a neo-nazi cable within the otherwise dignified Huntsville Community.

(Just minutes after completing the first draft of this column, Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle and Police Chief Lewis J. Morris Jr. announced the police chief’s retirement effective in 30 days. Chief Morris Jr. is the apparent son of Lewis J. Morris Sr., the school principle at Madison Pike Elementary, mentioned above, at that time. The school was subsequently renamed “Lewis J. Morris Sr. Elementary” after him.)

When I first starting writing down the words, they seemed surreal, and even I was afraid I was being a bit mellow dramatic – and maybe pushing the envelope just a bit too hard. Since then, I have been disappointed to find out that not only was I absolutely correct in my initial assertions, but that the “Consortium” is much more encompassing and it’s scope much farther reaching than I could have imagined at that time.

It has to be remembered that Huntsville is the City that “unconvinced” Nazi scientist Werner Von Braun built. Little introduction is needed to anyone in this country, or even in the world, in regard to his accomplishments. Von Braun and his team of rocket scientists descended upon Huntsville shortly after they were extricated from Hitler’s Germany – including the infamous Arthur Rudolph who was eventually driven from this country and back to Hamburg, Germany after allegations of Nazi war crimes and that he “persecuted unarmed civilians.” Rudolph denied the accusations.

But of course, Huntsville is also the cradle of the old south confederacy, rebel good ole boys, and even the KKK. The Consortium, it turns out, is not always cut and dried, but at the same time it appears to be deliberate, well-defined, and sharply focused. That is to say, there is an agenda, and it does indeed include international terrorism, as implied by the use of the word “consortium.”

In fact, although it’s occurrence is years after the original publication of the Exposé, and therefore a testament to the scope of the Consortium, there is little doubt that that the premeditated murder of US Diplomat and Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, is directly related to Huntsville on several levels. In fact, it’s very likely that the Consortium is also directly related to one time Huntsville resident and UAH professor, and Deputy and almost Prime Minister of Libya, Mustafa Abushagur.

Not long after I published the original Exposé, I made certain changes that I felt were strategically more responsible, subsequently it was simply removed as TOCC TV progressed to more relevant and current material. At this time, I am simply going to create a category as opposed to a dedicated magazine section as it was at that time. There are several reasons for that. As it turns out, noting the paragraph above and realizing the new relevance as Hillary Clinton is essentially on trial for what happened in Libya, the Exposé is necessarily a work in progress. And, I am spreading myself too thin to dedicate a lot of immediate time to recreate the Exposé as a single cohesive work. Therefore, I will simply be adding columns and profiles as it seems expedient, while still publishing content about the most current issues, obviously the 2016 presidential campaign, which may or may not be about Hillary the Hillaryous.

You may have noticed that I already have a category called “Gestapo.” And, yes, that is also related to the Exposé. That category has been dedicated to problems in the Huntsville police department. However, some of the material that has previously been placed in the “Gestapo” category will probably end up categorized in the Exposé. There are problems in Huntsville’s Police Department which are a collateral result of the Consortium, but may not necessarily be a direct part of the Consortium, and those will remain as they are.

Check back later for more new content.

NOTE: The graphic at the top of the page was created in 2000 and is part of the original publication.

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