Edward Snowden is A Hero Get Over It And Let It Go

Jay Carney, the White House Press secretary, is an insult to Obama. The truth is, Edward Snowden did not intend to harm national security, and in fact has not done so. The truth is, Snowden intended to protect the privacy of the American people by blowing the whistle on unconstitutional activity by the NSA.

Obama is the ultimate manifestation of the civil rights movement begun in the 1960’s. It isn’t right that he is becoming the “Uncle Tom” of the new millennium. Barack Obama should reevaluate the attack on American citizens by our own government and honor the legacy of the civil rights movement, and his own historic place in history.

Not only should Edward Snowden be let alone, the NSA and Homeland security, and for that matter fascist New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, need a slap on the wrist like a small child who throws a tantrum when told to put away their toys. The privacy of the American people is not the toy of the fascists to abuse and exploit for their own aggrandizement.

911 is over, ever’thing ain’t changed much. Get over it and let it go.

© 2013 – Jim Casey
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