Listen to me, if you call yourself a “United States Citizen.” Flaming Donald Trump is just as wrong as denying public access to homosexuals. The public businesses who now refuse to do business with Donald Trump are not just engaging in their own brand of intolerance, they are alienating the electorate of citizens, their own customers, who have now made Donald Trump the leading Republican candidate.

If twenty five or thirty major businesses in the United States suddenly decided to stop serving gay people, or black people, or feminists, or Latino’s the whole country would be screaming about the intolerance. Well, guess what, it’s EXACTLY the same thing. Open dialogue is absolutely critical to the future of this country – especially now that the melting pot is heating up.

There’s a sure fire recipe for the escalation of violence, not unlike what we saw in Chattanooga, Tennessee just yesterday. Shut the door and be intolerant. Do that, and it won’t be long until the home grown lone wolves won’t have been born in a foreign country, or complain that their name provokes bias and prejudice. When we get to that point, the situations like Ferguson won’t be “them” against the police, it will be “them” against the other “them.”

Our constitution is designed to allow for the ebb and flow of cultural changes while allowing EVERONE the right to express their opinion. Well, everyone will do well to remember, not only does Donald Trump have a right to express his opinion, but he is already the biggest political contender in the 2016 election. Censorship of a major political contender is downright unAmerican. Donald’s bombastic arrogance is no where near the bombastic intolerance of the businesses who refuse to do business with someone they don’t happen to agree with.

My advice to those who have their own brand of intolerant fascism, go eat some pizza and be glad the building is still there.

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