Diplomatic Communique By Jim Casey


Mr. Jim Casey CAMP CASEY April 8, 2014


In regard to the present crisis…

This statement is predicated upon the assumption that the reader will already have benefited from an explanatory briefing, and who will thereby share a mutual understanding without additional references. However, the use of the word “legend” in recent media releases to describe this office is in context a grandiose misnomer that would be better articulated as “diplomatic interpreter.”

It should be further understood that as a diplomat, I am not necessarily in agreement with the decisions of the Policy Makers, nor do I offer endorsement for their methods of executing policy enforcements. In fact, I receive my SRA modules too late to stage intervention, which I would affect in most events – even if I agree with the policy itself.

On a higher plane, I never-the-less offer additional explanation, citing Senator John McCain as an inappropriate example. It is my opinion that he prefers to endorse “cutting to the chase” in a manner that is unnecessarily blunt and perhaps degenerative unto itself, rather than placing full diplomatic weight or providing materiel reinforcement, in support of consensus building for the benefit of affecting solutions for situations prior to escalations. A limited contingency is contra-indicated. I do not approve of any such methods by anyone, and notice an ulterior and constitutionally subversive agenda for the benefit of a few.

However, on the local level, and in light of the persistent constitutional non-compliance by the Harbaugh-Pearce terrorist cell, it seems prudent to review three such policy enforcements. I agree that each of these points represent unconstitutional and illegal activity which is unacceptable and intolerable, beginning with the most recent:

1) Point-to-point surveillance, invasion of privacy, harassment;

2) Censorship, terroristic threat, violation of Church State separation;

3) Identity theft, human trafficking, racketeering.

What, if any, additional enforcement procedures the Policy Makers intend to affect in the case of continuing and willful constitutional non-compliance, I don’t yet know. However, I have observed their disposition in numerous events and feel certain in suggesting they won’t puncuate the next likely event with a simple sacrificial squirrel.

Jim Casey
Presiding Officer
Camp Casey

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