There was a reason why it was called “Independence Day,” aka the 4th of July. In the beginning, the American colonies got together and decided they didn’t much care for the oppressive tyranny of the English Crown and King George. Thousands of American soldiers sacrificed their lives so that we might live independently. And, incidentally, there was no such thing as an “oil company” back in those days, unless it was the American Shipyard Whaling Company supplying lamp oil for evening enlightenment.

There actually are people who understand “liberty” is for everyone, not just for those who engage in racketeering, or the lavishly wealthy. In fact, liberty has almost nothing to do with economic status. Granted, money can grease a lot of wheels, make life easier, and cure a host of ills. Still, liberty means more than what you can buy with money…or should.

In New York, you can no longer walk down the sidewalk without fear of being accosted by “law enforcement” thugs and subjected to “stop and frisk” technology, based on absolutely no provocation what-so-ever. After your NY shakedown, the Mayor now says you are not allowed to buy a 16oz. soft drink to help you cool down. Too much sugar is not good for you. In Chicago, wearing the wrong color shirt on a street corner could garner the same unconstitutional attention. In Alabama, and even amoung the several states, illegal, unconstitutional checkpoints for holiday drivers, looking for another kind of 16oz. drink, have been the tool of fascist big brother for many years. You are assumed to be guilty. If you are arrested, and if you have a genetic profile they don’t like, the Supreme Court has stated that you can be kept in jail indefinitely – after your sentence is served.

Almost all municipal law enforcement agencies have already crossed the line into fascist militia gang induction style “law enforcement” – exactly the same thing as a banana republic, the henchmen of Khadafy, or a Mexican drug cartel. If their protocol is not as pronounced, it is still exactly the same thing, and it will lead to that end. They are the same because they have no moral conscience, no ethical foundations, and no respect or understanding for constitutional values what-so-ever. They do what the mob boss in the mayor’s office tells them to do. Not shades of Abu Graib. Abu Graib is the shadow of American municipal jurisprudence.

TEA Party Zealot, you are a fool. To begin with, you wouldn’t listen when told W Bush is a back stabbing aristocratic fascist. You voted for him anyway. In the one term that is, because the Supreme Court seditiously handed him the other term when he didn’t win to begin with. HE appointed John Roberts. That was no accident. Are you so stupid and so naive? Have you heard of the 100 years war? You and your grandchildren have been taken to the cleaners.I am conservative. I don’t support liberal socialism. I wouldn’t vote for Obamy if he were the only name on the ballot. Did you really think one of the two names chosen by the industrial bosses and shoved down your throat by super rich super pacs would really represent you best interest, and independence?

The new system based on the ACA isn’t going to protect your constitutional individual independence. It isn’t going to be the same corruption as corruption has always been. Every predisposition, every dietary consumption, every behavioural activity, every beer you drink, every spoonful of sugar you buy, is now the subject of scrutiny for the “common good” under the guise of lowering healthcare costs.

The decline of the US economy means big brother is going to narrow the margins, not only on your economic status, but on your individual independence also – like a toddler in daycare. Because big brother is also faced with economic decline, and controlling how you spend your money, and eliminating your discretionary income via the computer age, means more money for him. Unless you are amoung the most wealthy upper class, you are going to loose.

They know what they are doing is not constitutional, and is in fact an assault on “unalienable rights” as well. Only a moron or fascist would fail to understand that the obvious intent of the United States Constitution is to preempt the illegal intrusion of big brother into your day to day life.
You are already faced with illegal information sharing, illegal stalking, illegal eavesdropping, illegal checkpoints, illegal surveillance, illegal background checks, unconstitutional search, unconstitutional seizure, censorship of media, censorship of free speech, obstruction of freedom of assembly, obstruction of religious freedom, obstruction of due process, obstruction of freedom of travel, ethnic cleansing, genocide, and holocaust.

“Oh, that’s not for me.” It will be now.

Happy 4th of July


© 2012 – Jim Casey Red HOT Uploads

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    Absolute power corrupts absolute, and as I recall Ted Turner, wise man that he is, once called Christians “stupid.” He eventually apologized, but for what I don’t know. While Christians are foolishly attempting to take over government with religion, the potential grows for a flag burning amendment that would essentially set the stage for the dissolution of all basic constitutional rights to unravel like a braided sisal rope without a boy scout.

    Where’s Colin Kaepernick?

    Our leaders are in denial of what is obvious at face value. The biggest threat to the future of this country is the incompetence and corruption of law enforcement.

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