Critiquing The Speaking

Thank you for joining me in last night’s debate. I am pleased to announce, based on arbitrary polling by


Obama did what he’s been doing throughout the campaign. He stayed back, stayed cool, carried the ball, and let Romney take enough rope to hang himself – which he did. Obama also remained consistent to his own message – although philosophically wrong.

His approach doesn’t work quite as well in a face to face debate, so next time he’ll sharpen his focus, become more assertive, and disallow obnoxious attempts by Romney to too aggressively dominate. Even still, Obama beat Romney.

Romney did what he does best, lie, deceive and flippy flop. He has a personal agenda, probably rooted in neo-Nazi cultism, and will tell whichever audience what it wants to hear. He won’t repeal the ACA, he will abuse it for aristocrats and as a tax increase – already begun. He won’t send illegal immigrants home, has already stated some get to stay, and has flatly implied he will legalize George W. Bush’s open border policy.

Romney also showed indications he is suffering from mild dementia – perhaps the onset of Parkinson’s – with delusional statements like balancing the budget by cutting PBS.

I don’t mean this as a joke. It’s so ridiculous, it’s as though he’s going to turn the tables on normal people eating out of garbage cans and dying in the emergency room by proving they are out of touch with the problems Donald Trump has tightening his belt. It’s beyond a cheeky non-sequiter to fundamentally irrational. He is genuinely, literally, so far out in left field, and he’s done it several times – I believe it is actually dementia.

Both candidates are in denial of a declining economy. Military spending will be scaled back to accommodate retiring baby boomers, and already disabled veterans. American imperialism is simply no longer sustainable.

In any case, after digging out from under W’s recession for the last four years, the stage is finally set for moderate economic growth and job creation – across the next four years.

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