Biden Paybacks Be Crazy

Biden Puts The Chains on Ryan!

Talk about media bias. If you are not aware, I generally watch CBS for
news and political information. Not that I always agree with them, I
don’t. But I really couldn’t abide a steady dose of an onion breath
radish like Martha Radditz – yuck!

The bias of which I speak, is CBS. It seems to me that when Romney
was rude and obnoxious to Obama, they referred to him as
“presidential.” The public opinion polls did agree, but I felt like
Romney’s attempt to aggressively dominate was not presidential at all,
and was more aptly recognized as the tactics of a bully.

And yet, immediately after the vice presidential debate, where Joe
Biden frankly skewered Paul Ryan, the CBS pundits weighed in saying
things like Biden had put down Ryan, constantly interrupted, treated
him like a “boy,” put him in his place, and that Biden was “unglued.”

Scott Pelly made an interesting remark saying that Joe Biden sometimes
says things he ends up regretting. Maybe, but I’ve never heard Biden
say that. He always says that he meant what he said. I don’t
understand why honest candor is somehow taboo in a political campaign.
I always understand what Biden means, and whether or not I agree,
respect him for being a straight shooter. They all should be straight

I didn’t see much difference in Biden’s tactics as compared to Romney,
and yet the pundits had a decidedly different, even scathing review, a
clear double standard, for critiquing Biden. Interestingly enough, the
public didn’t follow the media bias and agreed that Biden easily won
the debate.

The bias is interesting unto itself. Usually, one thinks of media bias
as liberal and feminist. Neither seems to exactly apply in this case.
(Then again, maybe it does.) However, a point I find regrettable and
even foreboding, the bias more likely seems to be against the
blackness of Obama, since Obama is actually just a black carbon copy of
Romney, now that Romney has flippy flopped and morphed into his own,
original, self-image. It is interesting to note, though, that in spit
of the freckles on his chinny chin, Les Moonves definitely does seem
to display a fondness for the blond female monkeys.

There really is no difference in who you vote for – other than the
color of their skin. I’d enjoy drinking beer with Obama more… Not a
good reason either – that’s why I’m running for president and
absolutely would not vote for either one – based on politics alone.

There were some other differences, and consistencies, in the two
debates. If Biden was too mockish of Romney the bully, he did have the
information, facts, and details that neither Romney or Ryan seem
capable of presenting. I can’t understand voting for a double minded
double standard debate team.

There’s something wrong about boiling a campaign for president down to
skin color. It’s a deflection that is drawing attention away from the
real issues. They are acting hand-in-glove and setting the stage for
additional, unconstitutional, constraints on individual liberty,
freedom, and justice.

The real zebra striped elephant in the room is the ACA, and the still
impending compulsory imposition of unethical and immoral genomic
engineering. The stage has only been partially set, because of the
declining economy and the expense of retiring baby boomers. Once that
dust clears, and the larger economy begins to settle into a more
balanced demographic, the unconstitutional skeletal infrastructure of
the ACA will be ready for the burial trenches. Inverted metaphor

It is ironic. The legacy of the “greatest generation,” who saved the
world from the genocidal tirade of Adolph Hitler, who came home to
giddy-up and breed like rabbits, left behind the collapsing weight of
the retiring baby boomers thereby providing a smoke screen for the
genocidal tirade of genomic engineering.

It’s about the constitution.

© 2012 – Jim Casey Red HOT Uploads

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