A Rare Conundrum: No Justice Is Good Justice

Justice for the American people and future generations will best be served if there are no hearings, and no votes, on Obama’s nomination to replace Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. And the truth is, it’s politics the way politics is meant to be. Obama is a lame duck, nothing much ever gets done at that point, and while leaving a little Garland behind to decorate the achievement chosen for him might be nice – tough. The Garland never does quite reach the top.

I cannot believe I actually agree with Mitch McConnell on anything, but as a conservative, and a patriot, I can only conclude he is right on this one. And besides, Merrick Garland has been described as a centrist, which is really code-speak for liberal when coming from Democrats and biased media. And look what happened when W gave us the John Roberts compromise – he came prepackaged with Obamacare up his sleeve.

In truth, it would be unethical to even have hearings, because there is no way the senate will confirm any Obama nominee – and they shouldn’t. And even if Hillary were to win, it wouldn’t be right for her to have to renominate a string of limping ducks. It’s unfair to the nominees.

Many white folks in this country have been willing enough to make the allowances necessary for the advancement of civil rights, and the cultural and intellectual growth of minorities, not because we are personally responsible for the wrongs of the past, but because it has been the right thing to do.
And the truth is, sacrifices and wrangling did occur both behind the scenes and in public to ensure the election of the first black president. The Republican’s could have easily beaten Obama eight years ago. And it’s a concession. All politics is dirty.

But, that landmark has passed and while the orphans and remnants left behind are decidedly socialist, neither I or any other American is obligated to accept the fundamental changes in governance infrastructure that that process appears to have put into motion. Therefore, like the stock market crash that left us with the great recession – it must be arrested.

This great country was built on constitutional values. Some of the disenfranchised have complained it doesn’t work because it didn’t work for them. That simply isn’t true. When the constitutional process has not worked, it’s because of human corruption. And the fact is, those civil and social advances have only been possible because that constitutional infrastructure was there to pave the way. Affirmative action cannot be allowed to trump the constitution that made it happen to begin with.

Frankly, I don’t like the brash type-casting of Donald Trump as the angry white male. I don’t approve of the insinuations which are ultimately being created by the Republican establishment using reverse psychology. It’s an unnecessary and inappropriate means to sublimate the hungry lions that may turn out to be an appetizer instead. The world has changed in forty years, and if Trump doesn’t win for the Republicans it will because the aristocratic establishment once again threw an election with a spoiler.

No matter how you look at it, let the next president fill the vacancy, and the voice of the people will have prevailed. What’s wrong with that?

Unless Trump the spoiler looses. Then there can be no replacement until the next Republican president after that.

© 2016 – Jim Casey

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