Jim Casey's historic write-in campaign for senate led the revolt to defeat Roy Moore.
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Parkland Conspiracy Unraveling With Scot Peterson Which Hunt?

June 6, 2019

This great nation will not survive under the control of gangland protocol and denial of due process while ignoring conspiratorial crusades.


President Trump Imposes Tariffs And Then A Collective Sigh Of Relief?

Mr. Trump’s economic policy may end up hurting a little bit in some ways, but how bad will it hurt to take a drink of Jack Daniel’s instead of tequila every once and awhile?

Happy Memorial Day

A new display has appeared at Huntsville Veterans Memorial in downtown Huntsville. The new display features a medic attending to a wounded warrior.

Alabama The Beautiful – Where The Babies LIVE !!!

The always dubious Alabama has passed the most restrictive, and the most rational, abortion law in the Nation. But will it hold up?

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Lawyers who visited a border detention center in Texas tell AP they saw a sick 2-year-old migrant boy not wearing a diaper being watched over by older children. They say 250 children are held at the facility in poor conditions. https://t.co/lCHdesQ5sE


A member of the Satanic Temple who won a legal battle to give a prayer at the start of a regional Alaska government meeting proclaimed ‘Hail Satan’ during her invocation. https://t.co/HbfVY7z4SG

An expert on serial killers says he doubts the boast from a man on trial in the death of a visiting Chinese scholar that he killed 12 other people before her. https://t.co/yNoI2dt3oK

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