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Get your ducks in a row with Huntsville weather
One of several previous locations Womens Abortion Clinics in Huntsville - closed.
One of several previous locations of Abortion Clinics in Huntsville - closed.

Alabama The Beautiful – Where The Babies LIVE !!!

   • May 19, 2019

The always dubious Alabama has passed the most restrictive, and the most rational, abortion law in the Nation. But will it hold up?


Mark Zuckerberg’s “Blood Libel”

Asserting that the “official” version of Sandy Hook is absolutely correct while disallowing any other narrative is “blood libel” – theoretically and in my opinion.

The Mulie Report Lives Forever !!!

The precedents are dangerous and destructive. That the FBI is clearly incompetent and/or part of the problem is foreboding. At a time when the country is sharply divided and practically in civil war over political agendas – maybe it’s time to rethink protocols.

It’s A Go! Go! Go! For The New LOTTO In Alabama!

If the lottery comes with it’s own set of evils, it’s a trade off for the better and we’ve had enough of the extremist cure-worse-than-the-disease in the first damn place.

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Living on in the earth: Washington becomes the first state to allow people to forgo burial or cremation and become compost instead.

“There’s a lunatic with an AR and armor on, y’all get inside”: Residents described moments of confusion and terror at an Alabama mobile home where officers were shot Sunday night.

Abortion rights supporters are holding rallies across the U.S. to oppose a recent wave of abortion bans in Midwestern and Southern states.

California is suing the Trump administration over its withdrawal of $1 billion in high-speed rail funding for a project the state hopes will eventually link Los Angeles with San Francisco.

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