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Hawk gets a squirrel at the drive through
Hawk gets a squirrel at the drive through

Hawk Gets A Squirrel At The Drive Through

   • February 17, 2020
Dinner is where you catch it. This hawk didn’t have much concern scoping out a squirrel for dinner in this east Huntsville neighborhood.


POTUS SOTU Reelection Speech

I watched what amounts to a brilliant re-election speech all the way to the end when Nancy Peelowsee took her copy of the talk and tore it into shreds.

Mason Court Never Looked So Spooky

Huntsville Housing Authorities announced more than a year ago that Sparkman Homes, once known as Mason Court, would be vacated and prepared for demolition this month.

West Huntsville Gentrification Arrives In Earnest

City leaders long ago tapped West Huntsville for redevelopment and after languishing for years it now appears to be happening.


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The Ground Hogs Have Arrived!

Again, I would have to go back inside for the camera. But, before I did, all three lined up right next to each other, one looking left, one looking right, and the one in the middle looking straight at me. It would have been the perfect shot. When I got back with the camera, they would have none of it, and summarily refused to cooperate for their group shot. I swear, it was if they were goading me before I went to get to the camera!

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Just 3 weeks after the disastrous Iowa caucuses, Nevada will hold caucuses Saturday. On Ground Game, election security reporter @AP_Christina joins AP Washington Bureau Chief @jpaceDC to discuss what to expect in Nevada. Subscribe:

LOUIS-DREYFUS – KIDS ARE ‘BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT OF MY LIFE’: Speaking at the LA premiere of animated adventure #Onward, in which she voices the mother of two boys, actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus (@OfficialJLD) looks back at her own experience of motherhood.

Fairy fix: Disney officials say that the iconic Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World in Florida will be renovated over the next several months.

CHRIS PRATT’S UNIVERSAL TRUTH: Actor Chris Pratt (@prattprattpratt) explains the unifying mission statement of his new production company, Indivisible.

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