The TOCC TV Endorsement: What The F*ing Trump ?!!


TOCC TV endorses The Jim Casey Write-In campaign !!!

I listened this morning to some of Trump’s “pivot” speech explaining his first 100 days in office, and while I didn’t agree with everything he put forth, I wondered as did the radio commentators, why he hadn’t taken this different approach six weeks ago. And I add, he would’ve then better agreed to only one debate, modeled after today’s speech. He didn’t. And, the consensus is “too little, too late.”

I said long ago that after the dust of this election settles that Donald J Trump’s place in the history books might not be as president, but as the most ingenious presentation of living satire ever to appear on the public stage. There is no question in my mind that this entire election was choreographed more than forty years ago, and has been intended to ridicule the angry white male of the 1960’s race war. Trump has successfully driven virtually everyone away from the Republican party except for white men and a few female TEA Party zealots.

Not only is that what I believe Trump meant to do in the first place, there is also no doubt in my mind that that is exactly what so called “leadership” of the Republican party intended to occur as well. And there in is the biggest problem of this campaign, and non-election. Because while it does look mostly like the election has been rigged for the benefit of affirmative action and placing the first female president, in truth there is much, much more at stake.

That’s where I make my final decision as who to endorse. It’s one thing to cultivate equality by escorting Hillary to the Oval Office, it’s another altogether to use that as an excuse and platform for fundamental changes that will not be good for the long term well-being of the country – and that most of the electorate don’t seem to agree with. The will of the American public is being circumvented, and the election has been rigged from the top – not at the bottom.

Aside from that, Trump’s constitutional zeal lacks veracity. Trump supports the second amendment until it comes to “stop and frisk.” Stop and frisk is a violation of freedom from unreasonable search and seizure and unconstitutional at face value, and done with the intent of abridging the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. The concept is essentially seditious, and Trump’s support for “stop and frisk” exposes the fact that his policies are not actually geared toward constitutional preservation and parity. On that note, many American’s seem to forget that the NRA isn’t in business to protect the second amendment, because they are largely supported by gun manufacturers whose business is to sell guns. If one begets the other, is still not quite the same thing.

I have noted along with many others that it may not matter who the captain of the ship is, as long as we are able to keep the ship from sinking. Meaning, the looming Supreme Court appointments are still the most important issue when it comes to preserving the constitution and the Union. But then, I remember what many republican’s seem to conveniently forget, that is, W Bush appointed Chief Justice John Roberts. Once elected, would Trump make similar “conservative” choices?

I still say this, Hillary is unfit as a human being to be president. Regardless of your stance on Roe V. Wade, any woman or man who can continue to support partial birth abortion, as Hillary apparently does, is a person who is damaged and sick and apparently beyond repair. But, I’ve begun to notice something else about Hillary. The subtlety of her mannerisms, the absolute nature of her talk, her magical thinking aren’t quite looking, sounding and feeling like “normal” campaign rhetoric. With Trump, for most of the campaign, stupid rhetoric is just stupid rhetoric and can be identified as such. In short, I believe Hillary actually is suffering from the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s, I’m saying she is literally demented.

In the final analysis, Hillary cannot be president – anything would be better than Hillary – but Trump’s charade is unnecessarily divisive and the 1960’s throw-back is insulting to decent conservative people who understand there still needs to be border security, and responsible fiscal policies. If Trump does win, we will be better off. However, given the incessant name game fone war of this campaign, it wouldn’t surprise me if Trump trumps all predictions and wins by a landslide. The out-of-context mandate would be the scariest thing of all.

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