The Rigged Affirmative Action Election

The media certainly does have a penchant for acting dumb, especially when it comes to important issues and rigged elections. Donald Trump continues to tell the voters and the media that the election is rigged. And it is, by Donald Trump. The reality is, the republicans played their game to posture Donald Trump as Hillary’s escort to the White House. At this point, I don’t think Trump has any any intention of winning the election, and the media continues to show a gross and inappropriate bias in that they linger on ridiculous non-issues while ignoring the truly important issues, because it will help to elect Hillary.

But, is Hillary really worth all the affirmative action? Hell, no. There certainly is room for a woman in the White House, but Hillary is not the one. The trouble with Hillary is that she is not really just an upward mobile feminist. Hillary is an extremist feminazi who fully intends to bring her bonobo protocol into the White House with her. It’ funny in a way, because all the time I see Donald Trump making mistakes and alienating voters, I always end up thinking, it’s like he’s mocking Hillary’s machine. That’s the way the feminazi extremist operate. They love to hate men and engage in man bashing.

They talk about sensible, liberal, inclusive policy, but in practice, Hillary’s machine is the most violent, the most malicious, the most discriminatory of any I have every witnessed in the real world. Hillary’s people become violent became they can’t stand a different point of view. They try to shut down freedom of assembly, they try to deny second amendment rights, by denying due process rights, and by denying freedom from illegal search and seizure. If you don’t agree with them, they are vitriolic, hateful, violent, and destructive. For those reasons, Hillary is not the right woman to be the first woman president.

Calling Trumps “groping” comments, in a private context when he wasn’t even an elected leader, “sexual assault” isn’t just irresponsible, it’s just plain stupid. The truth is, the feminazi machine is attacking men by threatening them with censorship. The media shouldn’t have ignored the comments, but they shouldn’t have made a national policy discussion out of it either. When there is a man elected who has never made such comments, it will be because he has evaded the hidden microphone, he is being extorted, or he has lived in a bubble his entire life with an unrealistic perspective of the world. This attack on men, and younger men who would-be political leaders, is irresponsible and dangerous to the open dialogue and freedom of speech that makes this country work.

And the fact is, if the affirmative action needed to elect the first woman president has to so denigrating, so dirty, so disgusting, that it divides the American people and leaves virtually everyone saying they don’t like either candidate – it is time to reevaluate the the program, however well-intentioned it started off. Hillary clearly lacks integrity, consistently makes irresponsible decisions that have serious and even deathly consequences. And yet, the media focuses on Trump’s locker room banter and histrionic females making unsubstantial accusations that are clearly timed for nothing but political effect.

So, what about Trump’s loyal voters? Are they really as dumb as the media? Do they not understand that Trump is the one rigging the election? I suspect they are fully aware and it just doesn’t matter. They understand that Hillary is the one who is unfit to be president, and a despicable choice to represent progressive women. Trump may not actually be their optimum choice, but they are fed up with being ignored, and they understand that there are more important issues to be decided.

The Supreme Court still remains the most important issue. The next two or three supreme court appointments will potentially shape constitutional policy, or the lack of it, for the next twenty, thirty,… even forty years to come. The next president will only have a four year term, and only limited power to implement whatever policy he chooses to advance. After four years, we can throw him out and consider a new option. The most important thing at this point is to keep the ship from sinking, not who the captain is.


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