The Republican Shell Game

Understanding the Republican shell game isn’t all that difficult. Grinch, business-like and professional, would’ve been president, instead of Obama, except for one thing – he refused to take on illegal immigration.

Now, the Republican candidates trounce Trump as being phoney with an unspoken agenda to go easy on illegals. I think he will tackle the issue and I think he will make progress. He was, after all, the only one ballsy enough to breech reality in the first place.

But, why Trump? Another more staid Republican, according to RNC leadership, would have a better chance of beating Hillary. Only now their excuse is Trump, not illegal immigration, as thy decry his endorsements from the ultra-right, while calling him a liberal and a Democrat at the same time. Is it really just part of the name game that has become hackneyed and juvenile in it’s own context?

One thing is for certain. If Hillary is the next President, Republicans will have no one to blame but themselves first, RNC leadership next, and not Donald Trump.

Why? Many people seem to forget that there is a political hierarchy that, well, uh, trumps the two party system. It’s called “aristocracy.” Many black folks, and female zealots, are fooled by “aristocracy,” the upper level party that actually rules the desperate masses by giving them whatever pacifier they think will be most efficient without causing a bloody uprising. They don’t really care if the country is socialist or capitalist – they have the money and they will run things their way either way.

In other words, the folks who support Hillary are going to be sorely disappointed if and when they find out they still ain’t going to get too much more than they already have.
The aristocrats will still be in charge, and the “liberals” will still be screaming about why the system still don’t work for them.

So, if you see this election as a grande scheme to elect a woman, and you are fed-up either way, why not just hold Trump’s feets to the fire – most billionaires don’t really want to be president – and elect him anyway?

As of now the general election is still a long way off and neither party has had a convention or a nominee and a whole sure could happen in the mean time. But, maybe a little toe warming would be a good thing as we spring into spring. And, squeeze a little lemon into your TEA while you contemplate that.

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