The News Today About Tomorrow

A few weeks ago I published a column discussing the apocalyptic
advance of all things digital. The column highlights the recent
decision by the Huntsville Times to follow a three day hardcopy
publishing schedule beginning sometime this fall. In the column I
chastise The Huntsville Times and for being impetuous in their
publishing decisions:

2012.07.17 – | Editorial
The News Yesterday About Today

As it happened, the New Orleans Times-Picayune also announced a three
day publishing schedule the same week. The two are probably the first
major papers to have done so. The Times-Picayune received national
attention over the digital landmark.

But as it turns out, I may have been right on all counts after all,
because now The Baton Rouge Advocate has announced plans to step in
and print a daily paper for New Orleans – shipping them overnight for

More On The Story
– Baton Rouge Advocate plans daily N.O. paper

Filling The Void
We will have to wait and see whether hard copy newspapers will survive
at all. But for now, N.O. gets a reprieve. As for Huntsville, there’s
still that open window…

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