The New Rainbow Coalition!

I know, sounds kinda political. Just couldn’t resist. Because, “I’m
Bluebird on a telegraph line…”

Instead, here’s a break from the annals of humdrum conventions and a
little reverie from the entertainment world.

Pop super star Elton John is making a rare appearance in Huntsville
tomorrow, which prompted me to dig a couple of original photo shots
out of the morgue for review.

If you’ve been following for a several of years, you probably
have seen them both before, but never presented together. I’ve also
included some new and original narrative on the OKC concert where I
photographed Elton in 1999. In retrospect, I think this shot and how
it happened is the real story.

2012.09.11 | – Photo
Brick Road

2012.09.12 | – Photo

There is no doubt about it, the road goes a long, way. Now let me
see, where is that bottle of booze…

© 2012 – Jim Casey Red HOT Uploads

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