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    Large Crowd Turns Out To Protest George Floyd In Downtown Huntsville

    Posted: 7:15 p.m. – These were the scenes in downtown Huntsville just a few minutes ago. The George Floyd protest organized by an Oakwood University student drew a large crowd, perhaps as many as 2000.

    George Floyd Protesters March Through Big Spring Park In Huntsville

    Protesters lingered in and around Big Spring Park on Saturday evening as summer music sponsored by Arts Huntsville filled the air and attracted large crowds – mostly not standing too close together.

    Kay Ivey Zig Zags On Corona Virus But Alabama Not Out Of The Woods Yet

    Reliable sources continue to say a vaccine is more than a year away, and more herd inarculation this summer might help slow the virus.

    The Towering Little Richard – RIP

    Sure enough, at the head of the table, sat the unmistakable, flamboyant icon – with his “towering pompador.”

    Kay Ivey Missteps Over Corona Virus

    Alabama Governor Kay Ivey did a good thing by over reacting quickly and effectively to contain the Corona Virus. Lives have been spared in the State of Alabama. Thank God, we are not dropping like flies like New York. But, there’s such thing as too much for too long.
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