The McBoom Heard Around The World

McBOOM !!! No “r”. Stinks a little bit, well, a lot. This shot shows the convolution of ramps as I565 approaches Memorial Parkway (Huntsville, AL) from the west, and is a reflection of the ramps just across the hump in the middle and on the east side of the Parkway, where the Lee Bus attempted to take flight only to meet with a come to Jesus as it hit the ground underneath the ramp it had taxied upon. The bottom left inset shows a better angle for reading the street names, and poignantly reveals the blue roof of the Huntsville Madison County jail in it’s background.

Unlike The Cannon Ball Run, which almost certainly indicates prescient knowledge by city planners on some level (of the impending Lee High Bus Massacre) this street was probably named before the massacre was orchestrated… maybe. Unfortunately, it does appear that the reflective concept ultimately provided inspiration to extend the event.

Reports indicate that the only other fatality on a school bus in Huntsville was on November 19, 1968 when a bus careened off Bankhead Parkway on the way up the backside of Monte Sano Mountain – 38 years and 2 days prior to the Lee Bus massacre that occurred on November 21, 2006. A musket ball is about the size of a 38 caliber bullet. Further adding to the reflective irony of the tragic conspiracy, yet another Lee High School student, who was a survivor of the 2006 crash, died in a fatal car crash on the front side of Monte Sano Mountain near the Governors Drive overlook some months later.

Huntsville City Transportation Bus terminal
Photo Caption
Huntsville City Transportation Bus terminal
Further, if you rotated the image 180 degrees as if it were a turntable with the spindle located where I565 crosses Memorial Parkway, the Pulaski Pike – McBroom Ave. street sign would end up on the other side just about where the digital time/temperature readout is located under the awning at the Huntsville City Transportation Bus terminal, and as it so happens that digital readout is just about exactly in the center of where the original turntable of the Huntsville Depot train shops was located in the 1860’s.

Why the McBoom heard around the world? The event occurred just prior to the beginning of the 2008 presidential election cycle when the first almost black president, Barack McBomba would be “elected.”

It isn’t my intention to cast this conspiracy massacre as a racist event. Ultimately, I don’t believe the evidence supports that idea, and in fact, I am quite convinced that the conspiracy was orchestrated equally and in cooperation of black and white partners. It is impossible, however, to ignore the racial inferences which are apparently intended as references more than anything. For instance, Pulaski (Tennessee) is considered to be the birth place of the KKK, the four young black women killed on the bus reflect the four young black girls killed in the Birmingham, AL 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in the 1960’s, and what is a musket ball if not a miniature cannon ball, and it all happened in the shadow and on the maps of the Huntsville Depot complex… ah, the overtures.

It is my intention to expose this event as a deliberate act of domestic terrorism because it ultimately carries with it the propaganda and incitement of eugenics, ethnic cleansing, and holocaust.

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