The Huntsville Times Delivers A Thanksgiving Slap In The Face

Seldom have I seen such an obnoxious sign-off for loyal customers. One thing is for certain, the Huntsville Times print edition is a lame attempt to accomplish nothing more than run interference against any would be competitors who might try to step in and fill the empty space created by the three day print schedule.

I picked up this mornings edition from the rack, expecting a jam packed paper full of stories, advertising, and coupons. Instead I got the standard mish mash with fewer of everything than any Wednesday paper would be expected to deliver anytime.

On the front page I was met with a rather small greeting and a statement telling me that the Thanksgiving paper would be available at their office between dark and darker only, and it would have all the jam packed goodies. Subscribers would at least get their paper on Thursday morning.

So, membership does have it’s privileges. But, looking at the mish mush that they have been printing on the three day schedule, I come to one conclusion. They have no appreciation for the customers who subscribe either. The biggest rediculism, are the several pages of comics printed to make up for each day lost out of print. Aren’t the comics really even more important on a timely basis than the news itself? Two day old comics are worse than stale, they’re downright stiff.

Ok. So they intend to make a point. But for long, the print edition is going away completely. And frankly, I was already about to stop getting my Sunday mush edition from the rack anyway.

I had already noticed a decidely obnoxious tone from years ago. They aren’t the hometown newspaper of your grand-daddy, and they don’t really mean to be either. The obnoxious slap of the no-thanks Thanksgiving edition is uncalled for. The mushy three day edition is equally insulting. All those customers have carried that local rag, and eventually even they will consider opting out, or be forced out, of print for the elctronic version. When the time comes to buy a subscription only app – they all will remember.

There realy is no point. We all know. It just isn’t necessary to slap loyal customers in the face like that. It’s just bad business.

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