The Flawed Character Of Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz

eldom has there been such a fine example of not just a police officer, but an all around community everyman. Now reports indicate that the “hero” and beloved community icon committed suicide, after he reported he was in foot pursuit of suspects.

And now, seldom has there been a better example of why society should not engage in hero worship of law-enforcement, or allow them the grandiose lattitude to do whatever they please as they go about their job.

Gliniewicz was apparently like a dog chasing squirrels in his sleep when reality finally caught up with him. Was he a veteran, did he have PTSD, should his overmilitarized approach ever have been tolerated, much less lauded, by the community? It seems he had every reason to live. Why?

As I write these notes, the news reports that the “hero” dirtbag officer Gliniewicz staged his suicide because he was engaged in all kinds of illegal activity including stealing and laundering money from community programs.

There are all sorts of reasons why law enforcement becomes corrupt, is corrupt, and placing them on an untouchable pedestal only serves to encourage their extremist, sometimes murderous, behavior. How many victims did Gliniewicz injure with his over-zealous, absolute, authoritarian, militarized approach to the “enemy.” Whose exuberant version of the arrest did the kangaroo municipal court judge believe when it came time for sentencing.

It is astonishing to note the backlash directed at Quentin Tarantino for simply speaking the truth. There are not just a few bad apples, there is an arrogant sub-culture that rises to a combative conspiracy that displays the attitude of a junior high school boy. That attitude problem says it makes the rules, and if you don’t like it, they take the ball and go home. Some reports now indicate that law-enforcement has done exactly that, and the results in a few major cities is a rising crime rate – including murders.

Listen up grandiose snotnose. Nobody said quit doing your job, and frankly it’s not even your decision to make. We said stop using excessive force, and abusing community programs, when it is not needed, or contra-indicated.

Ben Fields, the South Carolina officer who recently tackled a black female student for talking on the phone while sitting down is another perfect example. The correct approach would’ve been to wait for another officer and then carry the unruly child out of the room – desk and all just like the Queen of Sheba. Then expel or arrest, whereby the joke wouldn’t be quite so funny. But, the officer’s ego got in the way, and now fired – the joke is on him.

The bottom line is that the sub-cultural militarized, ganglang attitude of law-enforcement must be broken once and for all. Anyone who disagrees is living in a fantasy world. And, look what Gliniewicz’s fantasies got him.

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