The Firing Of James Comey – Much Ado, But Over What?

At the beginning of the election campaign, when Trump lambasted Megyn Kelly, I said, “Trump is the indisputable ring master.” And, he still is. Maybe this whole charade should be considered in the light of Ringling Bros. last act – Trump stepping in to fill the void. Already the one-liners are flying, “constitutional crisis”, “he’s guilty”, “impeach”, “not Watergate” and already the whole story is sounding like a clichéd 1960’s rerun.

If there is anything everyone ought to be able to agree on when it comes to Pres. Trump, it’s that he’s been one helluva reality check for a lot of people. The fact is, we don’t arrest presidents. While the FBI could be leading the charge to investigate, they don’t have to, and in fact it would be up to congress to conduct the investigation and ultimately to impeach – if there were a “constitutional crisis.” There isn’t.

If anything, we are all witnessing a sobering reminder that the President of the United States truly is one of the most powerful men on earth. And the fact is, it has to be that way. There are the checks and balances, presumably, Congress would impeach if it becomes necessary – and it might. And hopefully, we won’t see Trump leading an attempted military coup, or the necessity of his arrest, usually by the military, to remove him from office if he were impeached. We vest all that power and authority in our president because it is necessary in order to conduct business with the rest of the world. Now we know.

I also said yesterday on Twitter that I might be worried that Trump fired James Comey in order to evade the law. Maybe he did. But, what difference does that make? We continue to hear about the Russian influence on the elections, but I fail to see how I can be influenced by something that no one has yet managed to identify in a tangible manner. All I know so far is that I have been barraged with fake news and that I apparently voted, or failed to vote, based on the mentality of a third grader waiting for Santa Clause to come down the chimney.

The real conspiracy here, by the way, is the hysteria by the mainstream media over “fake news” which is ultimately a way to cultivate public acceptance of censorship by social media. It’s a dangerous slippery slope that could end up with unconstitutional abridgments for little guy websites like this one – at which point we would actually refer to the conspiracy as “racketeering.”

In the mean time, I don’t take James Comey’s dismissal very seriously simply because suggesting the FBI is an honest organization with integrity that is genuinely in there trying to fight crime alongside Superman – is ludicrous to begin with. There are so many examples of RICO on the federal level – it is in fact a well known joke. No doubt, getting a handle on that level and volume of organized crime would be no easy task. But, how is it El Chapo could have ever have been running a 10 billion dollar underworld industry out of the back alleys of Chicago to begin with?

In truth, the whole three ring circus in Washington is at least in part designed to divert attention from the local level. Believe it or not, the FBI is supposed to be keeping an eye on the corruption of our local officials. They obviously do not. There is plenty of evidence in regard to organized crime and RICO in Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle’s administration, not the least of which is the Lewis J. Morris / Tommy Brown / SDA child molestation and human trafficking ring. And it’s no coincidence that the ring includes the police department, which like most municipalities in the country is running like a militarized gang unit. Etc.

It does appear that Huntsville police have dutifully stopped killing people with nothing but a knife in their hand. But in fact, there had been quite a string of excessive force and unjustified killings by Huntsville police over the last 20 years. That’s not to mention the brazen corruption of the City / County Metro jail where jailers have conveniently looked the other way when inmates incarcerated on minor offenses developed life threatening health problems – that did in fact result in death.

Of course, I’m relying on the mainstream news media to report those stories. One must remember that just because the local TV station doesn’t run a story, it doesn’t mean the story isn’t there. So, for all I know, a Huntsville police officer kills someone with a nothing but a knife every week. I have been advised, journalists aren’t really police in the first place. The job of a journalist is to tell a story, not necessarily to fight corruption. There is some truth in that, but the fact is when the media engages in “partnerships” with law enforcement, or the Medical Industrial Complex, or the United Way, etc., they have not only compromised their journalistic integrity – they have set the stage to conveniently make nice with their (law enforcement) “partners” by not pursuing or running stories that would make them uncomfortable – or land either one or both in jail under RICO.

So, all this local stuff IS supposed to be the territory of the FBI, and last I heard the Mayor, or the Governor, or the CEO of the TV Stations or newspapers don’t have the authority to fire anyone in the FBI. Firing James Comey may ultimately seem like much ado over nothing, but the obfuscation and deception of the public by the incident, and the lack of integrity, priority, and corruption of the FBI – on the local level – certainly is.

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