The Arrogance Of The Privacy Invaders – Zuckerberg And Google

Last week the self-appointed guardians of Internet privacy – AKA the wolves guarding the hen-house – Google, FB’s Zuckerberg, and Microsoft, along with other techno giants, called upon the federal government to end it’s over-the-top surveillance of American citizens. They think it might interfere with the economic health of their industry.

Whut!? No really. Zuckerberg is upset. I guess he thinks the government might find out something scanning your fb pages before he has a chance to steal it and use it to sell ads on your friends fb pages. Ditto Google who apparently thinks that Uncle Sam is going to steal some important information from your emails before they get a chance to read through it first.

Talk about a case of the pot calling the kettle black. The arrogance of the techno privacy invaders is the real story here. The American people are well apprised of the illicit activities of folks like Zuckerberg and Google, and have expressed equal contempt and disdain for their illegal invasion of privacy along with that of the government.

No doubt. There are a lot of folks who don’t seem to understand that the invasion of privacy by the techno giants is potentially more damaging and injurious than the illegal surveillance by government. Some folks don’t get it at all. There might just be a time when ethics, morality, and integrity should rule the day in America’s big companies. Pollyannish though the idea may seem, big companies could actually attempt to do what’s rights ahead of being forced to do so by new laws which are actually unnecessarily redundant of already established laws.

So far, the only legislation Uncle Sam has come up with for the Internet, actually seems to throw a kink into the activities of average folks without offering them any protection against the pariahs and wolves. If Zuckerberg and Google, and Microsoft, can start a war of ethics with the federal government, that might be a good thing. I’d say it’s time for them both to clean up their act, and to start doing business based on what’s good for the American people. The Internet launch is over. They’ve had time to grow the business. The big boys need to make each other respect the constitution and follow the law.

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