Oklahoma City Bombing 20 Years On

The New Rainbow Coalition!

Elton in Huntsville & Oklahoma City

TOCC TV – A Dwarf Star Is Born

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“Affluenza” teen’s mom released on bond. https://t.co/RMSKcF13s2

Onetime member of Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker’s Cabinet joins two other former administration members in calling for election of his Democratic opponent. https://t.co/U3L8PXAKBl

Scores of volunteers join search for Wisconsin 13-year-old who disappeared amid shooting deaths of her parents. https://t.co/bYvc6TtqL1

A GOP congressman in Arkansas and his Democratic opponent condemned an ad by a conservative PAC that refers to “lynching” in an effort to get black residents to vote Republican. https://t.co/7tYTarwDQs

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