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Six former Environmental Protection Agency bosses urge an agency reset, expressing concern at "the current state of affairs" in U.S. public health and environmental oversight. The Trump administration says its rollbacks are preserving health protections.

For more than 70 years, the U.S. affiliate of UNICEF has supported the global work of that U.N. agency, most of it focused on aiding children in developing countries. Today, UNICEF USA announced its first major program supporting children in the U.S.

With a coronavirus vaccine still months off, companies are rushing to test what may be the next best thing.

Wellness guru @hailevthomas has written what she calls an ‘empowerment cookbook.’

BREAKING: Sumner Redstone, media mogul who built a media empire from his family’s movie chain that included CBS and Viacom, has died at age 97.


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