The Rigged Affirmative Action Election

Stupid Bad Boy Donald J Trump

The New Hampshire Primary And The Dearth – Thank God – Of Feminazism

EXPOSÉ | Profile: Loretta Spencer

Marriage Is Obsolete – No More Two For One Benefit Discount For Breeders

Biden Paybacks Be Crazy

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Lisa Borders steps down as head of Time’s Up organization. https://t.co/ZPRtHkvg9N

California, 15 other states file suit against President Trump’s emergency declaration to fund border wall, arguing that it’s unconstitutional. https://t.co/zaAXUVPg2G

Israeli consortium hopes to make history this week by launching first private aircraft to land on the moon. https://t.co/p33BOpiZGN

West Virginia teachers’ unions call statewide strike over education bill they view as retaliation for nine-day walkout last year. https://t.co/i5uR85TWZR

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