Huntsville Black Lives Meets Fallen Officers

The Homeless War – In Your Own Backyard

Dallas Water Tower Renovation

Elton in Huntsville & Oklahoma City

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The eighth and last season of “Game of Thrones” finally has a date with destiny. https://t.co/tzDeyXpwfw

Black Friday is the most hyped shopping day of the year. But here’s why some shoppers should sit it out. https://t.co/F1TLQXOJ4x

Indiana’s Curtis Hill named vice chairman of national Republican attorneys general group even as he is accused of groping a lawmaker and three legislative staffers. https://t.co/ykh4LenNdz

The Texas Board of Education has voted to return Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller to history curriculums statewide. https://t.co/yTLUEYyafb

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