President Donald Trump ascends upon Huntsville to campaigbn for Senate Hopeful Luther Strange

Huntsville Strange Trump Rally

My lack of acumen as a reporter is revealed but, I simply don't have the opportunity to cover many real time events & saw this rally primarily as a photographic event.

Running a one man show has drawbacks & means I don't usually bring laptop & camera to the same event. Which is to say that what's absent in my article below is the fact that this is the now infamous rally, seen on national tv over & over again, where Trump declares of Colin Kaepernick " that son of a bitch!"

After the two hour rally I didn't foresee the media firestorm & a full year of on-going antagonisms involving the NFL & Kaepernick, who still isn't playing football. I did take notice of the remark at the time, but frankly was a bit rattled myself as I felt he was looking directly at me when he said it.

I have, however, commented extensively on the matter in more than one ToccTv column. Keyword: Kaepernick

REVISED – 2017.09.23

President Donald J. Trump ascended upon Huntsville this evening stumping for republican Senate hopeful Luther Strange. Strange faces Roy Moore in the Republican runoff next Tuesday.

The Strange Trump rally drew a full house at the Von Braun Civic Center with President Trump keeping the crowd enthralled for an hour and a half. While Mr. Trump’s appearance was to campaign for Luther Strange, Strange spent little time at the podium while Trump dominated the evening with his own mostly standard campaign rhetoric. He did indicate his intervention in a primary was out-of-the-ordinary and that while he is endorsing Luther Strange, if Strange loses his bid for the Senate seat he now holds by appointment after it’s vacation by Jeff Sessions, that he would indeed be back campaigning for Strange’s opponent Roy Moore.

Protestors against Trump gathered in Big Spring Park near the gazebo as the rally commenced in the civic center arena. They enthusiastically engaged in chants and presented posters, one reading “GO HOME DOTARD”. Other media outlets indicated the protests had a few rowdy moments but never became violent and apparently no arrests were made.


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President Trump

President Donald Trump appears in Huntsville stumping for senate hopeful Luther Strange.

The Strange Lesser Of Evils

The Alabama Republican runoff for U.S. Senate is Tuesday. It’s sometimes difficult to know what to do when choosing the lesser of evils.

Huntsville Strange Trump Rally

Read the commentary & see the images from the infamous Strange Trump rally where Trump declares of NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, “…fire that son of a bitch!” BONUS: Flag Burning Video !!!

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Luther Strange | Alabama’s Third Wheel Of Corruption And Trans…

These days, we have the resources and the ability to show grace and compassion, and acceptance, even if we don’t agree or understand. That’s why it’s called “civilization.” We don’t always do a very good job of it because there is a lot of malfeasance and corruption and witch doctors who make money on exploiting misery, or preventing happiness. The bottom line is that Luther Strange doesn’t need to be adding fuel to the fire to cultism, extremism, and corruption.

The Contemptible Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Going Down Again

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore

Dear “Christian” Alabamian, please take off your shoes and socks and stick your toes out in front of a vehicle rolling by on the street. I only hope I can offend the morons that much who actually voted to return Roy Moore to office after he had been removed the first time. This argument comes up over and over again, and it truly is tiresome, but some people just don’t get it. It isn’t about your faith, it isn’t about whether or not you are a Christian, it isn’t about whether or not you agree with same sex marriage. It’s about the constitution stupid.

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Roy Moore lost his license a long time ago. If he and the Alabama Supreme Court can’t come up with a valid legal argument based on the US Constitution, it’s simply time to accept that separation of Church and State and the integrity of the US Constitution is more important than Roy Moore’s fear of the apocalypse.

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Today’s newspaper reports that Roy Moore, (previously) Alabama’s “Ten Commandments” Supreme Court Chief justice is following in my footsteps declaring his approbation for and the virtues of the United States Constitution. His biggest concern is his perception that the states should have more authority than now afforded by the federal government. He is the Republican […]

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