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In Solidarity with Charlie Hebdo and it’s continuing publication this Week, is also making a special run. A million electronic copies of will also be made available for distribution this Wednesday. Just email this page or a link to your friends around the world. And, if they don’t understand the pictures, they can use the search engine translator!


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President Donald Trump will begin his Independence Day weekend today with a display of fireworks at Mount Rushmore before a crowd of thousands. Questions about virus precautions and protests from Native American groups will also greet the president.

A Paris court upheld a decision to end a years-long investigation into the plane crash that sparked Rwanda’s 1994 genocide, citing a lack of sufficient evidence.

Barcelona's mayor doesn't want to tear down her city's monument to Christopher Columbus, but she does want a debate about Spain's colonial legacy. @JWilsonBCN

Ben Lovett from @MumfordAndSons is asking the UK government to consider the damage that will be done to the British music industry while there are no concerts or festivals due to social distancing.

Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid, one of Copenhagen’s biggest tourist attractions, has been vandalized with the words “racist fish” scrawled on the big stone on which the statue sits. It has long been a target for vandals.


It's got to be 'chaise longue' (or is that 'chaise lounge'??).

There's just so much going on with this, from fancypants French to folk etymology to pronunciation. Lots of good reasons to look it up. #AskMW

The wool report is on hiatus for summer.

Cory Funk@funkomatic

@MerriamWebster @PeterSokolowski What piece of furniture do people look up the name of the most?

And specifically for Peter (but not so much about language); Do you miss the Tweed Report?