Sandy Hook Tipping Point Constitutional Last Straw

Make no mistake. I am grieved by the loss of the innocent children and adults in the Sandy Hook massacre.

Never-the-less, there are many, many complex issues involved other than basic safety and gun control – which are NOT synonymous. The attack on “disturbed” individuals is disturbing since the profile is arbitrary to begin with, and even more ridiculous since Lanza had apparently not purchased a weapon. He used the firearms purchased and owned by his mother. It is also disturbing that Lanza apparently lived in a perpetual state of imprisonment and was condemned by his own mother to be kept under constant surveillance. He was challenged with Aspergers, a form of autism. The empirical data shows no increased incidence of violence by such individuals.


In spite of his challenges, he seems to have lived a normal and functional life. He attended and graduated school, and there have been no reports of risky or dangerous behaviour.

Why was he falsely imprisoned? Adam Lanza was clearly antagonized by his lack of privacy, killing his mother and destroying the computers that held a copy of his private activities and records. Then he continued to the school. In this country, before the so-called “tipping point,” denial of constitutional rights requires due process – and even that can be very arbitrary. No wonder he was angry and fed-up.

In truth, all the signs are there that he had been subjected to mind-bending brainwashing and acted out as a “sleeper.” Perhaps unwittingly, he was played as a pawn in a domestic terrorism scheme that is focused and does have meaning and intent.

The Obamacare healthcare mantra ultimately includes compulsory genetic profiling and genetic engineering. Profiling someone as mentally ill based on genetic testing is diametrically opposed by the constitutional declaration of “All men are created equal.” The Medical Industrial Complex cannot advance their genomic agenda as long as that unconstitutional profiling remains illegal. When genetic profiling becomes a legal process, the constitution is totally obliterated and ceases to exist.

One of the biggest problems in the equation is that the mainstream media is incapable of calling domestic terrorism when they see it. Why? Just sit and count the number of pharmaceutical advertisements you see on TV. The TV and other media executives make BILLIONS of dollars on pharmaceutical advertising. They aren’t about to step on the doctor’s toes. There was a time when pharmaceutical advertising was illegal. The first and biggest step in stopping violence and saving the constitution, and quite literally, the United States…

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