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The Week Of Monumental Non-News: North Korea, Michael Cohen, Border Wall, Gun Control, Birthright Citizenship

I’m not surprised that President Trump walked out on North Korea but bemused that the NK leadership, in a news conference without Kim’s shame face, seemed taken aback. To add insult to his insult, Kim apparently was unable to leave for home on the accelerated schedule. But then, trains are supposed to stay on schedule.

Cohen’s testimony was much ado adding nothing new and only underscoring Mr. Trump’s generosity helping Ms. Stormy with her baby. Was it “hush,” was it legal? Don’t know, don’t care. It doesn’t have the scale or context to matter. “Metoo” hypocrites would’ve crucified him if he hadn’t.

The House doesn’t want to fund the wall and still wants to abolish the second amendment. Shucks. The senate will set them straight.

However, Trump may have made his second extremely serious mistake. Appearances say Hoda Muthana is a citizen and so is entitled to due process. Without birthright citizenship the constitution unravels. Genuine conservatives should take pause. It’s throwing the baby out with the bath water.

The metaphor is ironic because Trump’s other biggest mistake is rescinding the Johnson amendment and encouraging other violations of Church State separation including Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court appointment.

The bottom line is denial of birthright citizenship is an extremely irresponsible deal breaker that finally does call Trump’s ulterior motives into question – it could be his only really impeachable offense.

© 2019 – Jim Casey

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