What Part Of Moo Don't You Understand?
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What Part Of “Moo” Don’t You Understand?

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A witness says a car plowed through an intersection and struck 8 pedestrians in the California city of Sunnyvale. The driver was taken away in handcuffs. https://t.co/sDNPXuqlLJ

As the NRA gathers this week for its national convention, the gun rights group may be facing its toughest foe in decades: its own members. https://t.co/xozrxhY6fH

BREAKING: Facebook is taking a $3 billion charge as a contingency against a possible fine by the Federal Trade Commission. https://t.co/zhZGAxUfbY

The National Rifle Association has sued Los Angeles over a new law that requires companies seeking work from the city to disclose any ties to the gun rights group. https://t.co/XIMbJ0gXBT

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You didn’t think people really needed a new word for “proof?” We have the receipts.


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