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The Money Page

Billionaire investor Leon Cooperman declines an invitation from Senator Elizabeth Warren to testify at a tax hearing

Greece will ease its main pandemic restrictions in early May, ahead of the country opening to international tourism in the middle of the month

CIBC is forming an energy, infrastructure and transition group within its investment-banking operations with members located around the world

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler is showing no signs of backing away from the regulator’s high-stakes lawsuit against Ripple Labs

JPMorgan is adding almost 190 workers to its investment-banking ranks to ease the burden for junior bankers inundated with work during the pandemic

Tesla’s acting general counsel has left for Luminar, a laser-sensor startup that went public via reverse merger last year

U.S. Senate Finance Chairman Ron Wyden proposes ending existing tax breaks for fossil fuels and creating new incentives for low- and no-carbon energy sources

A new algorithm can identify synthetic, animal-based or processed additives in consumer foods and replace them with plant-based alternatives

Billionaire Alejandro Bulgheroni’s dream of making fracking more environmentally friendly is running up against the reality of shale-patch economics

London’s City University will change the name of its business school to Bayes Business School, after finding its former namesake had garnered some of his wealth from the slave trade

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Meet the billionaire family building America’s roofs—and taking on Elon Musk:

U.S. Hits Biden’s 200 Million Shots Goal—But Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Issue Looms

Manhattan Won’t Prosecute Prostitution—But Will Still Go After Clients

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George and Laura Bush paint a picture of life growing up in Texas, having successful parents and what life is like at Prairie Chapel Ranch. "We feel very relaxed out here. People aren’t calling all the time, and we can take a deep breath."

President Biden’s inaugural committee raised $61.8 million for the event, drawing donations from companies, labor unions, wealthy individuals, and voters giving in small amounts

From @WSJopinion: The jury and the justice system worked far better in the Derek Chauvin case than political critics behaved, writes The Editorial Board

The Oscars may suffer from declining viewership and a down year for movie releases limited by the pandemic. But the organization that runs Hollywood’s most prestigious awards ceremony is on solid financial ground, here’s a look at some of the key numbers.

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