Mental Health System Corruption

Can there be any doubt that Ken Kesey’s classic account “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” is not an unlikely scenario in today’s rampantly corrupt medical community? The corruption in the medical community overall ought to be obvious when one considers the odious reality that very nearly half of all American’s are on some kind of prescription medication. Given that most psychiatric ailments are actually based on very subjective observations, or merely the complaint of a forlorn individual who figures that visiting with their therapist will place them in vogue with their group — is it any wonder that money hungry shrinks are more than willing to dispense a label and write a prescription? Who can argue the point if there’s no blood dripping from the wound to begin with? And, the use of the mental health system in this country, and in fact throughout the world and history, is replete with examples of corruption and abuse, not just for financial greed at face value, but also for the political control of those who might present a threat to the agenda of those who wield power.

Last week news reports indicated that some groups were upset that some states were slow in reporting the psychiatric conditions of those who have been committed in those states. In Alabama this week, accused cop killer Farran Barksdale was to have a hearing scheduled to determine his mental competence to stand trial. State senator and renown demagogue Tom Butler has already made a scapegoat of Mr. Barksdale in legislation designed to narrow the margins for those branded as “mentally ill” if they determine they want to buy a gun. So, which will it be? If he’s competent to stand trial, then isn’t he also competent to have purchased the gun? If they have said he can’t have a gun, then how can the poster boy for Tom Butler’s war on the right to bear arms be considered fit to stand trial? Not to mention that Tom Butler also has a conflict of interest in the equation as his primary profession is that of a pharmacist. The more folks he can put down, and dope up, while advancing his own personal political agenda, the more bucks that go into his pocket, and the pockets of his health care professional buddies. On top of all that, statistics have repeatedly shown that people branded as “mentally ill” are no more likely than the general population to commit violent crimes, or shoot innocent people with a gun. This is a dangerous trend, and the brakes should be put on right now.

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    Absolute power corrupts absolute, and as I recall Ted Turner, wise man that he is, once called Christians “stupid.” He eventually apologized, but for what I don’t know. While Christians are foolishly attempting to take over government with religion, the potential grows for a flag burning amendment that would essentially set the stage for the dissolution of all basic constitutional rights to unravel like a braided sisal rope without a boy scout.

    Where’s Colin Kaepernick?

    Our leaders are in denial of what is obvious at face value. The biggest threat to the future of this country is the incompetence and corruption of law enforcement.

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