Madison Police Cooking The Books And The Munchies

Hoo Ha!!! Now ain’t that just jolly goddamn funny? The City of Madison has made a funny. Eric Parker is back on the job!

I’ve already alleged that there is evidence to suggest that the Madison Police Department engaged in premeditation and conspiracy in regard to the Little Drummer Boy, Eric Parker, “taking down” the Indian grandpa, Sureshbhai Patel, leaving him injured for life. This latest round of insolence indicates not just an irresponsible attitude and action, but further suggests that the Madison City Council actually choreographed the event from the beginning to send a racist, classicist, and discriminatory message from the bedroom community of Madison, Alabama.

The story reported by local media outlets WHNT and indicates that the acting police chief in Madison, Jim Cooke, says Eric Parker violated no policy – especially since the policy book has since been rewritten. Even police chief Larry Munchey, who is now on administrative leave, says that department policy was violated and that Parker should be fired. Cooke’s theory is apparently that whatever the department can get away with amounts to valid police policy. In other words, it’s sorta like saying that hanging “nigras” from trees in the olden days was ok because they couldn’t have gotten a conviction against the lynch mob from the imbalanced court system anyway.

Wrong is wrong. Any moron who has watched the video of Eric Parker throwing the Indian man, who was all alone, to the ground can plainly see he was offering no real resistance, there clearly was a lack of understanding, and that throwing him to the ground was not necessary – even if restraint and placing him in custody were – in order to explain the situation.

The fact is that Eric Parker should not be reinstated, convicted or not, and it would be better for the community, and probably him, if he simply moved on to some other occupational activity. Frankly, while the BLM movement that exposed a target on the back of police officers has simmered to the back burner for now, even I wouldn’t want the big red X on my back that Parker will be carrying as long as he is in uniform.

I would like to say something like the irrational and inappropriate attitude being displayed by Madison City leaders is just something you expect from third graders, not experienced, mature and responsible adults, and it will simply pass. But, the bottom line is much more serious than a simple admonishment. In essence the City of Madison has declared itself to be a sovereign nation, because they can get away with it, and they seem to think they can use terrorist tactics to ride shotgun over their turf in so doing. It isn’t a stretch to say they are a “cell” and should be monitored and prosecuted not only by the Department of Justice, but by Homeland security as well.

I am a native of Alabama, and so I fully understand some of the undertow of animosity and consternation that decent people in the South sometimes feel about a past that we did not participate in and had nothing to do with. As such, I am frankly disgusted and fed up with the “good ole boys” who still think they can turn the clock back 100 years to a time, a country, and a way of life that simply doesn’t exist. It’s obtuse. What we will end up with, if the moron’s have their way, is a situation like in the Middle East, where there is always fighting and warfare among differing “factions.”

The rest of Alabama needs to wake up and catch up. We and our state suffer losses in status and economics because of the stupidity displayed in Madison. Enough already.

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Madam Haikala Misses The Higher Calling

Guys like Munchey, however, don’t get the message until they face the starker reality. I would have expected thirty to ninety days in jail for Mr. Munchey, apparently his first offense, after which he would certainly have a new respect for the law. That he should be terminated, as the very guardian of the law, a police chief in contempt of court, goes without saying.

Warning – Eric Parker Acquitted – Another Enemy Combatant Goes Free

In each case, (Eric Parker) Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, and others, the message is clear. Law enforcement has been granted a license to kill, even if it amounts to murder, with absolutely no fear of criminal repercussions what-so-ever. The Tamir Rice case is perhaps the most obvious, and the most egregious example of thugs murdering an innocent victim. In is unconscionable that in the United States of America, such a travesty can go unanswered.

American Jihad : Radicalized Law Enforcement

Unfortunately, the radicalization of American police will contribute more harm to the “war on terror” than they will help. Ultimately, the extremists in law enforcement intend to advance their own radical, unconstitutional, agenda and while they may not be in immediate agreement with the Islamic style radicals, they are often on a path that is parallel.

Eric Parker – Madison, Alabama Police Officer | Mistrial, Miscarriage, Gangland Thug

In Eric Parker’s trial, one or more moron’s refused to convict what was obvious at face value. Eric Parker used excessive and unnecessary force leaving the Indian Grandpa partially paralyzed. It is impossible to understand how a rational person could not find him guilty. Unfortunately, there are idiots who believe that their personal agenda is more important than legitimate due process.

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