Lee High School Bus Crash Conspiracy

REVISION (2014.06.07): It should be noted that State of Alabama DOT officials have never explained publicly why they removed EVERY gate from ALL fenced areas under the elevated portions of I565 in Huntsville, from Oakwood Ave. to Jordan Lane, three months before the Lee Bus Massacre. The removal of the gate on Church Street did facilitate fast access to the bus crash and the victims, however, prescience seems to be indicated.

Lee High School Bus Crash

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I believe the Lee High School Bus crash was a very long term premeditated Al Qaeda like event that was facilitated through “sleeper cell” methods and subsequently prescient third party gating on the highway itself.

I also believe that there is significant and tangible evidence to support my allegations, and that there is indeed a larger conspiracy to which that particular event was associated. I have attempted to bring my assertions to the attention of most of the attorneys, on both sides, now involved in litigation over the bus crash and they have shown no interest in the pursuit of any additional avenues of liability. I have also spoken with Rob Broussard, investigator with the Madison County District Attorney’s office, and sent e-mails to Sheriff Blake Dorning, and District Attorney Tim Morgan. They have shown no further interest in other possible investigation or prosecution.

Additionally, over the last twelve years I have filed more than two dozen pro se litigations in the Circuit Court of Madison County, and the District Court of North Alabama, in regard to injuries I personally suffered while a student in Huntsville City Schools. I believe my experiences, which have resulted in substantial and permanent injuries and losses, are in fact related to that conspiracy, and the Lee High School Bus Crash. The courts have denied my request for legal representation in those matters, and I have received no consideration in regard to the damages and injuries that I have sustained.

While many efforts have rightfully been made to draw as much positive outlook from the event as possible, I do not regard any excuse as justification or validation for the needless injuries and loss of life that occurred — whether those excuses have been proffered by George W. Bush, or the “Total Collaboration” of local officials. In short, I consider the event to have been a prime example of racketeering — that should be investigated and prosecuted according to RICO guidelines.

Once again, I offer my sincerest condolences to the families and friends of those who were affected by the Lee High School Bus Crash.

Lee Bus Memorial

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A makeshift memorial stands in remembrance of the four young ladies who lost their lives as a result of the event: Christine Collier, Nichole Ford, Tanisha Hill, and Krystal McCrary.
Perhaps also noteworthy, Bill Kling Sr., father of councilman Bill Kling Jr., died on the same day as the bus crash event, and Ben Casey, notable WEUP personality, died on the one year anniversary of the event. Condolences to their families and friends as well. And, remembrance of Tony Jordan, who passed since the last election cycle. Tony was a good journalist that I respected and admired.

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