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Happy Friday!

Slowed down a little this week from the usual political critiques to invest some time both on website maintenance, updates, and overdue computer fine-tuning.

The site still needs a lot of tweeking and updating, but nothing super critical is outstanding. I’m figuring out ‘SEO,’ search engine optimization, which seems like a good idea, but probably won’t make a lot of difference without driving with economics. Still, maybe a few more hits, and a greater chance the world can be saved. If your interested, there’s agood site called ‘Search Engine Watch’ that dispenses good basic information, although they seem to lean heavily to Google’s protocol.

Downloaded some new programs, and revitalized some old ones, to speed up and organize my old clunker. If you need good computer information, ‘Kim Komando,’ the USA Today Tech columnist, often has good information.

And, I’ve got a couple good/bad topics on my radar. The sequestration is, of course, something of a farce. Serious, but non-the-less, a farce. And, I’m seeing a red flag on public TV as they are propagandizing to the group psychosis, instead of fundamental reality.

As much as I support and enjoy public TV, the long faded warnings from yesteryear of state sponsored TV has suddenly jumped to the forefront of my thinking with a huge red flag and a loud blaring siren going off. ‘Obamacare just dropped.’

And, Ratzinger is stepping aside. Riddle me this: How are all those things related? They are, very, very, related.

Too late tonight to create an in-depth magazine spread. By golley, I’ll do it later and disguise it as several different, but related, columns.

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